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[Music][Music]Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yearhope your ears off to a good startfor a weekend and you know I hopeeverything’s going well you’re stickingto everything you hope and dream for sowhat I’m going to be making today issomething that has been widely requestedif this question like Zachary I needyour pancakes so thick and heating upsome fluffy emptor deliciousand why do you go through all this workto make a pancakewell you’re gonna find out once you makeit for yourself to see here thesepancakes are great we’re fairly you seethe make take a few ingredients that youmay already have later on the housereally inexpensive three bucks butthat’s something you always should havemy pan throw that in there nextdefinitely sprinkle in some cinnamonSimmons a great flavor to have this wasa dollar at Kroger last me a while butnext year when I thought I would needmore but it’s always been that extracinnamon I sprinkle in a little saltI don’t really measure it out but just alittle bit and then the next dragongrease we have here is baking powder somy normal recipe calls for three scoopsI’m gonna do two just to make a littlesomebody even maybe one and a half in1/3 for stairs this baking powder isreally what gives you your pancakes therise it rises it up like our Lord andthat’s what gives it the fluffiness sothat’s mostly the dry ingredientsLonginushere’s our granulated sugar which callsper tablespoon and the real recipe is ahalf recipe half tablespoon I’ll gothree quarters here all right that’s itthe dry ingredients first one I alwayslike that it is our oil just a vegetableoil regular recipe calls for twotablespoons it’s gonna do one maybe aquarter here this oils plenty a dollarand some change so inexpensive you’realways going to cooking oil layingaround here either cooking or baking soit’s a good thing to have so fairlyinexpensive on that as wellnext I’m going to give a little splashof some vanilla vanilla you can range inprice greatly depending if you’re buyingthe real you know extract or imitationvanilla doesn’t matter I use the cheapstuff for my pancakes I’m gonna bakesomething nice all probably splurge andspend more I do a little squirt of honeyyou don’t have to do that I love honey Ilove sweetness next we’re going to use afarm fresh eggs arrange you know dollaror less crack my egg in here one eggthat’s just for the normal recipe toobut unfortunately you can’t split an eggand hash and if you do find a way to dothat please let me know next I’m goingto add in some milk milk calls for 3/4of a cup in the regular recipe and Idon’t know where to do is makeup so it’sgoing to be half of a cup once I find myfavorite in front of me so I’m probablyto go a little less than half of a cupof milk and honestly that’s it those arethe ingredients right there that’s mypancake gonna mix it up thanks to thisdon’t want to over mix your everything’scombined nice and well no just bakeand you want to have a great consistenceyou don’t have to be too dry or toorunnyand then the next ingredient chocolatechips my favorite don’t have a whole lotbut lot of them in therechocolate chips two dollars of Kroger inthe front he actually went back to theirbig ones they’re just funny how itchanges though that’s that that’s yourmix this one’s actually I feels a littlerunny compared to what it usually is butwe got our nice pancake mixture so whatI do is I turn my burner on what pan I’musing is just this little pan right herethis is a great pan so I’m going to getthat going about medium-low heat get ourpan warmed up now what I do is I alwayshave butter I always if I’m using butterneeds like hatless Nick I’ll use theother copper pans when I’m wiping thingsdown read some things so I had thisstick of butter that I’ve been usingand I’m like butter up our pan and thenwe’ll add in our pancake and I’ll showyou that in a second what it all lookslike I’ll be right backalright everybody welcome back ourpancakes been on here for a few minutesnow one thing I forgot to mention iswhen you put it on cover it and keep itat that low heat that’s what allows yourpancake to rise and cook over time soyou know when it’s ready you’ll kind ofstart to smell especially with chocolatechip pancakes they’ll burn a little biton the bottom of the pan um also see thebubbles coming up on top you also beable to slide your pancake around alittle bitthis one tend to be mega thick and so Ican tell there’s some loose liquid onthe top still but it’s ready to flip Idon’t know if that’s a great view Idon’t want to flip too much so we’regonna flip it over and there we goCarver back up second half doesn’t takeas long so you just let that finishcookingwell the final picture for you here in asecond I just wanted to bring out themention in the beginning of the videojust quick shout out and cordongratulations to my friend Jordan and hiswife Iommi on their weddingcongratulations is a beautiful weddingI wish you all the best from me rainFranklin and Allen that’s a great thingwhich made me think you know bringeverything back to me about my beautifulfiancee ray and you know I love herabout my heart I want to be able to dothis without her allowing me to be Who Iam to be the best person I can belast me wear my cowboy hat when we goover our dates like Cracker Barrel whichis very good girl in there Friday nightso if you can catch us a Cracker Barrellsay hi I know I’ll sign an autograph ortwo what made me think for our weddingthat we’re planning it they’re ourfuture I would like to make our cake forour wedding and I did something Ibrought up to Raya so if you think youwould like to watch a video of me tryingto make a wedding cake in the futurecomment and like below also any othervideo ideas you can think please feelfree to like subscribe comment yoursuggestions below now we got our pancakegive it good old flip there one morefoot let’s do a double all right therewe go that is our cake so what we gotthere is a pancake about the size of aUFO on there not not the thickest one Imade but I will give it credit it doeslook great and don’t forget the top offwith mrs. Butterworth’s the only otherwoman in my life besides Raya and my momlove you mom Shona like commentsubscribe alright let’s try let’s tasteus this bad boyI don’t put all my syrup on it once Ikind of go by the area especially withthis thicker cake it really soaks upthat oh yeah look at thatto the closer so that’s our pancakethere that has the nice chocolate chipsthick fluffy and moist you won’t get Jenin a box sorry it remind me your box ofpancakes are cutting it today but you’rethinking richer PizI want to thank you happy new year godbless

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  1. Wow Zachary, those are very thicc pancakes! Those are about 5 pancakes in 1! Aunt Jemima has nothing on those! Let me tell the readers firsthand that I have had these monstrosities and they are as filled with flavor as they are thicc. You could toss one of those through a window. Glad I watched, might have to try out. Nice cowboy hat.

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