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I was inspired to make pancakes by some connections on LinkedIn! This was on Sunday.

Simple recipe.

akacia honey

I didn’t film all of the process in this video I remembered after I had made the batter to grab my phone to shoot video.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I was inspired this evening to make apancake batter and it really is quitesimple I actually have the recipe righthere so it’s written in Danish I doapologize for thatso it’s vanilla and sugar and it’s flourand it’s eggs and it’s butter and a bitof fluid and I just used water today youcould use milk if you want it to here isone of them cooking now the batter was abit thick so I have been adding water inbecause I didn’t have any sugar Idecided to use honey instead and Itotally recommend that by the way thisis hmm this is what it look like sorry Iam eating one of my bread rolls withcheese filling I added in a bit of coldkademan because I like to have otherflavors in Lebanon than just vanillaas you can tell this one lookscompletely different one of the reasonsis that the cooking pan frying pan wasactually hot and this is a Swedish Cripsfoot frying pan back in the day when Ivisited Crips fruit I got this littlething to put on to the handle so that Idon’t burn my fingers I have put thelast bit of cuz that’s quite a lot inhere I’ve only made four pancakes buttonight to myself and I’m going to putthe rest into the fridge in this one ofmy biodegradable bags and I to be honestI prefer frying pans that can standbecause they they don’t stick and theydon’t have any what’s it called coatingthat might be harmful

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