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what’s up we are making a video forcooking I got my own cooking stock nowI’m gonna make a lot of episodes withthe cupcakes are done the goat cheesenow is pancakes bust you body a dinnerwhy don’t you bring everything herethey’ll see what you’re doing over herefirst you need 1 cup of water I’vealready done it what body milk mix thisis ten minutes so you have to like allthe oh push it and I thought it waspulling it out so first I’m gonna haveto let this mix I’m gonna have to mixthis while back is heating up put it outfor I’m your thing so just keep mixingdo it and you have to mix it my lightamountif you see banchan I don’t know whatthat means but I think the buzzes yesall right gonna big but if you have alittle bit of little bumps that is agood sign so keep mixing for life[Music][Music]now you use a really big thing now whatdo I know[Music]okay how much was oh you got it yeah allright you don’t need this right nowso you’re also going to need a spatulascoop a little bit in I’m watching onefor cameraslap it up here yeah that’s what I didfor my last water can I use an otoscopeshe wanted to do two at a timeyeah hold on wait for this one to heatup a little yeah that should be heatingnothing up there why can’t I make a 101now put it over here what I was gonna doI don’t get the dripping piece over seeyou guys see what I’m doing you know Idon’t cook as many as you want as longas they’re gonna fit on the board don’ttouchwell collide yeah tonight perfectthis is a spatula you like you can use athing that up can you use much that’sawesome as well you have to use like aplastic you shouldn’t use metal I’mgonna check that is and if it when youtry flipping if they um like you knowlike makes a hole on it that means it’snot ready I’m gonna back but should youget one of thoseokay here okaylike it’s gonna be harder because youhave to do you know and mail is aperfect pancake yeah should I kick thisother one there was just oh don’t moveit after you flip it is about one goodoh yeah that one looks perfectI’m daily good at cooking pancakes andsoonactually um should kids do this know ifyou’re grown up helps you oh my goodnessI can do it by myselfbut that’s because I’ve done it beforebut um this time my mom’s with mebecause I’m I’m telling you and sheknows what to put on but I’ve already Ijust can’tbut last time because he out of fiveminigames for me oh this one’s weddingthat’s good that looks like steak howmuch should we make very much oh I wantporn cameras for so I never use thebetter so put one right here one rightthere I am making eight so it might be alittle bit up a long videonow I’m gonna make another white okay somake something small but that’s okay butI’m gonna move this a little bit so youcan see what I’m doing even a is forseven minutes so far I gotta flip thatone away it might be too hot alreadyChloe yeah I had a person alreadyall right this waysee that thing like burnt you figurethanks for that angle yeah it’s hard todo it one that’s why I have my mom withmake us sometimes in the exist a littlehuh yeah yeah they’re a golden andcrispy pancake you don’t have to beperfect but it can’t be like black blackwell that means it’s spent a lot likeI’ll be cooking me is all fast what’sthe smell can I get another plate ohcome on you don’t put them all on oneplate and then we’ll just driveokay so they stay warm together at onepoint you’re gonna have to put your handhigh or you’ll be tight because you’reholding huh yeah yeah I can still getbunch on all the way up here doctor atthis point I’m just nine points minutesin it starts getting hot and you have toplace your own high the back looks bigenough so I’m not a pancake I’m uh eggsthe opposite sideI could probably cook for yeah that’swhat I’m gonna do threeyeah huddle for me I’m gonna add alittle bit more to miss oneso they equal pancakes that’s it whatare you doing over thereoh wow that one needs website alreadyhold on with golden crispy for me oh butoh my god yeah pleasethat one’s golden question even I can’tget it thanks mom also do this withcautionthis night cause listening smoking a lotI’m having trouble flipping it also youdon’t there might be a lot of dull onyour things and that’s probably Wyattwhat oh that looks like a little bitgoodcan I go and clean it up[Music]look at this so far whoa whoa hope youliked this cooking video second cookingvideo in the housemost everybody would toast it a syrup onit good are you gonna make more yeah I’mgonna make a second course hey maybeI’ll give you one I’m trying toliterally – I’ll give you a little bit -sorry barely inhaling yeah Oh wouldreally appreciate some people like thathow about while time this time kind ofhave trouble I had to help so do youwant to stick to tip three yeah actuallyyeah but after this time I’m gonna dofour I’m gonna make like the way we weresmile yeah I’m not gonna do because thebig ones were hard to play cuz you haveto get this patch really under thespecial over there just or they have amake them um I started cooking meyesterday[Music]mr. Naidu yes actually what I wanted tobe when I was I went to IBM I hope thatI’m on the house like I want to startcooking dinner for everyone by myselfwhen I’m old and I’m like what I’m goodat this can I keep dinner by myself whenyou get the hang of that you are safe hedoing it – can I come here by myselflike come dinner by myself that could bemy choice so with supervision I don’tlike all you said over there yeah youknow ask for help when they need someand I could just talk are you there wellthat was kinda funny yeah these ones arevery easy to flip so I’d do small oneswell these things are cooking fast now[Music]so we um how much do you want moneyokay one for dad and one for Jax so Ineed to cook for more noonyeah so then I need to make one moreafter this and then maybe hmm can I usethis poor woman to marry cook for you ohwait which means this one is good cuz Iput them all in at the exact same timethat one’s kind of thought it wascan you have our one because you likebut yeah keep flipping it I can’t get itoutwait I can do that now just one moreOh Haley a boxer just make up the restof the batter okay this time I’m gonnado for one cuz I didn’t smile cuz Ididn’t need help or cry let’s go getsome funny you can have ityeah for an apple yeah you can have anapple one pumpkin is that one too smallover there I need to add a little bitmore to do this one too well I onlymight be able to make flame put itlittle westrom next make us tiny pancakein the middle maybe pancakes in themiddle so I’m gonna make flash bus whichis enough for all of you cuz we both gotfour one and then you got 4x trust yourvery watch this for snap I am well thisone is flip in timeoh waitoh my that one kind of turned into likea hot dogs is it ok the ones like rolledup it’s like a sandwich more hot doglike a peanut butter and jelly on thatone okay I guess someone might relateyour peanut butter and jelly puppet nolooks like a heart you can have a hotthat could be your extras okay can I donow is off a hottiethis one looks some done like yeah thatone’s done yep this one probably donecuz this one plus when I flipped Y wentalmost missed right expanding back intothe panthat one of the big glass because it’sflush when it flips cheese like toprobably take walnut hmm food is solvedoh no you have tothat one should be an easy one here soif I meet watchful me then flash floodsand then one for you mom will you hey ifI made one fall the whole family andthen for extra time of it much do theymake if I made one for me in Cayman andthen one for the last of the family andthen for X how much did I make 1416 16pancakes right here yeah you can have ahot one wait that’s not right 16pancakes made it only took 19 minutes ifyou want a quick breakfast dinner orlunchhe was it unless you have six people inyour house it might take a little bitlonger if you don’t see I made 15 in 19minutesso 15 how much would everyone cost theymay have how much one every one tape ifyou get you one by onebye subscribe and comment if you want tosee more cooking videos comment downbelow hip a bell and like the videothese are

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