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Pancake Art Challenge Learn How To Make Avengers vs Star Wars Disney Plus Art

We finally did the pancake art challenge!!!
Learn how to make the ultimate pancakes from Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, Marvel Avengers and Disney Plus!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

and today we are doing the pendant artchallenge we have 9 different colors ofpancake mix and we got this ball of sixdrawings that we all have to pick andthen we’ll have to draw it with theirpancake mix so let’s get startedprobably you can pick firstokay hard face of mochi let’s do thislet’s get started this is hardly packingthis looks like a cat[Music]yes I think I did them too far away fromeach other but it’s okay it looks sogood you’re mine now it totally lookslike a cat oh my god now I need to usebrown fur loudmouth and the diet this isso hard I’m doing the ice that’s sopretty it doesn’t use the brown down nowI need this yellow and the yellowprobably gonna be like empty after thisbecause Pikachu in the yellow and I’mgoing to use yellow I’m gonna try it outcover this is lab okay now I have towait for the yellow because poly isusing ityeah I almost forgot Pikachu’s tail so[Music]I’m sweating it mr. yellowthere’s like a huge bubble in my eyeballlike a mushroom hat kind of uh but Ifeel like you look better when I flip itoverhere’s the yellow so I’m let’s use theelbow now if you don’t go over top likethat I know you don’t want to sit now Ijust kind of let it dry unless you whyare my thermal because my serviceslooking for food yeah mushrooms are afair food it’s kind of awkwardthat’s really odd because my studentsare my favorite food and because theylook at me go omelet so I’m gonna getedges it doesn’t look like you couldtell it’s a Pikachu bleh like a prettybad gonna do but it’s still kind of cutelike okay I’m a Sikh mind read this isperfect goodlet’s make a mushroom now I’m off theboard distance course ready but I don’thear this sound was very finenow round two crazy face emoji yeah Iget MOT now okay now it’s howitzer yeahI don’t know I think it’s gonna bepretty hardI’m actually very happy with what I gotokay so let’s get started I startanything – black first finalist droppedit at least thing okay so many yearswait first[Music]do some washing way bigger i doing headbut you know that looks so bad i’m gonnado the little stuff at the time so whatI do like thank you is gonna be prettystrange because like his eyes are whiteand his whole body is white waitthe out rating of his eyes is like thiscolor brilliant[Music]no it’s coming out too fast it lookslike a superhero mask what is wrong withmy earth-dog slinky is going like thislike the rock-and-roll sign rock’n’roll- it[Music]my hair looks like a mustache because Idon’t know what I did I kind of gotcarried away but yeah I’m just fillingit in with oh the yellow it kind oflooks like PJ masks holaall right Obama is not looking prettymine is starting to really bubble howyou don’t want to see right do I soundlike bosses know what let’s think of itno it’s overflowing I can’t get it offokay maybe now’s a little too wet ohyeah oh my gosh it kind of looks like ithas a beard right doesn’t that look likea beardI sure knows maybe you like a carrottake you I’ll make you take care for usto eat and I’m also gonna make a littlecarrot nose oopsiereally well a beard looks who eventhough it’s not supposed to be a beardbut it kind of looks funny I thinkmine’s right[Music]the eyes are kind of like far apart fromthe other side of the mouth looks reallybad but like it looks better I reallylike it I like both of mine I flip mylittle kidnow looks likeI kind of like Olaf sad because it lookslike it has a beard Oh dad it just looksreally cute this is what Olaf’s dad tolook like which ones you guys likebetter browser and it’s Kylie’s turn nowit’s my turnCaptain America’s symbol Hey Joe I needthe weight anything just hurt us gonnawait for you well that was luckyvideos or the text that I need right nowso first after doing[Music]now I need black yo you’re just gonnalook like so amazing I’m just outliningit with some red and I’m just outliningit with some right now sizzling and thewhite is actually kind of like prettychunky so it’s like hard to get out inthe earth looking there thank you so farI’m just letting my make this greatcolors very prettyI’m probably gonna use this whole gamejust for the baby odor tactics gettingreally big I don’t think I’ll be able totrick you know this yeah I’m justwaiting for it and your eye that was abig pancake I don’t know what’s going onlike right here disgust it’s a rest thatthe body just looks good but I don’tknow what was going on there Oh[Music]I think my yacht is ready to flip babywell it didn’t really go to plan becauselike the neck rip like okay adventistsI’m gonna give the ODA of the carrotthat I made with fall off because Idon’t think Oh laughter they need thatis perhaps because I think it’d be cuteanyone make it welcome get better and Iput it on the side to hide there[Music][Music]the 50th time mr. yabba he does not needthis donut because the towpath is notworking which one do you like this theseare how mine turned out and neither havewinter now cut down on our Instagramwhose is better well guys this video wasso much fun to make if you like[Music]

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