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Our first time on YouTube making pancakes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s sorry and Shari and ourYouTube channel throwing the cards areyou shy so make sure you guys like I’mjust got enough occasional cuz we willbe making no videossorry about the background here but wegot like this sandwich maker because thesound maker is bitter and you don’t takeforeveryeah if you confuse I’m sorry is shesorry so make sure you subscribe becausewe’ll be posting new videos in yeah andwe do our YouTube channel will be mostlyabout everything will be like dancingshaking gymnastics yes – max Nix andjust talking to you guys getting to knowyou guys I hope we like get you worsecuz we’re just gonna like have thisYouTube channel all the way it so likewe grow up um the YouTube channel isgonna be switched from a differentdevicecuz I’m getting a tablet so it’s gonnabe switched to a different device yeahplease subscribe he’s fine yeah so likea whole bunch of subscriber we willthank like just these guys that actuallyjust supporters and we will like givethem likewhat and we will give you like a printstuff and we will shout out people andonce we get enough bands we’re gonna golie or doing gymnastics doing umpartner gymnasticsshemar okay me too yeah if you’rewondering who she murders that’s mybrother and we’ll get our brotherbecause she’s my sistersorry you cannot actually we’re not likewe’re from Beach wait she’s from wedon’t curse I like I never had any kidscurse well I yesterday we seen you lookfield girls and ace family you guys canactually smell this to the camera itwould snow so good little dick powder wecan get sick I know is good thoughso guys she’ll be back after she get theplace I’m gonna pause it do that soshe’s back with the plates and these arestar fireplace because my mama don’tlike a first edition we still watch thedishes oh go get two forks again cuz I’mlike well actually going to talk to youguys so my name is Shari but people callme show you my nickname her name is ariapeople call her sorry for her nicknameso we was thinking like a cupwe was like we should make a nuisancehappen at college okay sorry and sorryyeah she was like no sorry sorry I’llsay yes are you sure so betterso now we just come to this channelthat’s gone sorry sorry so now it’sgonna have like the end but not I havepasta fries or nothing I’m just gonna beposting how much stuff I hope you guysreally enjoy because we really it’sputting our effort we’re trying to getlike devices like different devices youwill be in the summertime swimming withrecording this stuff will have anupdated vision in device phones tabletsand stuff so like we don’t have aniPhone I will tell y’all this please notput room comments like the first time wesee you commentslike if it’s over 10 room comments wewill not you can’t we will make thecards so guys if I were you you go tothe store and buy the fun 30 pancakesactually mom or actually mamas you couldbuy it and you try it it tastes like aregular pancake but just what somespecies in it but it’s real good andI’ll say you can use of a syrup or youcan play or however you want you canit’s just I was turning green you canadd whipped cream strawberriesblueberries whatever you want so yeahmake sure you guys make that we do notargue we do not fight we don’t do thatcan i twins like we have twins sorrythat is actually a black because we weredancing tick-tock oh if you werefollowing tick-tock I’m calling sorryinch I mean you can follow her tick-tockcurb regular tikka is we underscoresorry no this Queen underscore big babywait when I get my tablet I’m gonna makea new detect UNK since my other one gotdeleted somehow but I’m gonna make a newone they’re gonna be real active becauseyou just started this YouTube channel sowe gotta be like dumb and dumb oh herewe have a roblox um if you want to playroblox with us we’ll show you our robloxaccount look that’s not like now cuz Igot a download like this app I don’tknow what I forgot we just go up but Iknow out and I’m gonna downloaded it tostart adding our Eddy video system yeahwe kind of started late on YouTube inour videos but we didn’t want to startso let’s tell you guys the story whileshe’s so oh yes guess if you guys wantto know I am the oldest she’s older thanme I live fourth grade and I’m nine andshe’s 10 inches and pick today let letus know what grade you are in in thecomment section and let us know how oldare you cuzgood in school that think we might havea three-way no so I’m not gonna tellanybody else like what’s a new becausemy grades can easily drop down and wewill be like take a turns talkingwe won’t like kids rub each otherbecause as you can see like when shetalked on being a quiet boy I talk she’sthere so just go watch this stand upwell I shot the Bulls oh they won’t knowthat we appreciate my mom will be proudof me cuz all we want to do is just likeif I really tell you a story but you’rejust trying to move up this house solike making a youtube channel so we canmove off this house my momma kick itstuff and Mama could be poor at foraffordable what’s her money so I cangive my mom some money and me or herjust with the money that we get from herYouTube account I really hope that wereally could just do because like reallywomen talk about it like all fits alllast weekend because last SaturdaySunday I was actually talking aboutanymore and we will have another channelbut that’s after we get like a lot ofyou see stuff all we want to do is likehit something can’t like something cakeit can be 1 K we don’t care we just needsomething pleaselike I’m not like asking y’all for moneylike it’s kind of sound like that likeI’m just asking for money you just likeby no we want to do videos that’s thewhole part alright we actually didn’tknow that you can get oneyou actually really don’t know acefamily stuff they started getting viewsand I was like are they getting viewswith these views to Andy now is justlike okay so there’s a money damn wasshe hurt and my cousin strike a lividbut me you will see you like some of myboy cousins a baby stuff somerole-playing play whose make us careabout he’s very smarthe can feel funny he was talking at 11mumbles that’s crazy isn’t okay so sosooner or later I’m gonna be going toher school I’m so happy because it’sgonna be so funI hate being a new student because youknow you get that feeling thateverybody’s looking at you and you’relike what are you licking it okay okaywe will be like recording in school likeafter moving bus stuff because we can’treally record will we in class stuffbecause she said fourth grade I’m infifth grade so I’m like all the way atthe end hall she’s laying right thereI’m right here she like so yeah well wewere recording our school so after thiswe’re gonna in this video I wannadownload this app so I I think it’scalled I don’t know it’s course smellsgood when it’s cooked yeah it’s actuallygood when if I know Sarahwe’ll be doing a samara stand but babiesso um so let me tell you we’re gonna berecording on a trip I think we’re goingon this trip yeah yeah we’re going on atrip I think Tennessee yeah to TennesseeI will be recording yeah yes missswimming so is visual on gonna be like alot it’s a game so hopefully you guyshave if you’re going on a vacation hopeyou have a wonderful lake and if y’allgoing on Tennessee or like a roundjuly’s though like make sure you guyslike hit us up in the comments it’salmost like if some of our videos wouldbe just abled that we think that peopleyou know comments but you know if youwere if you are hater if you are a haterhater because you if you were just gonnahit on that comments and stuff on myvideo you should never clicked on it youfeel me like you should never clicked onit I’m almost done with this whole thingand I didn’t even put Sara funnyI bet half social no like will you bewatching sequel voice and stuff you justwant to go take a big bite like when itgets a point where you actually eat alot you actually

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