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Nore Davis Wants To Warn You About Making Pancakes With Kids | The Dad Club


Nore Davis was making pancakes with his new born daughter, and realized that he should never ever do that again.

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Video Transcription

Heather on the counter and I thoughttonight is make pancakes together rightand it was one of those uh thoseskillets you know skillets things not tostove but the actual skillet yeahso it was sitting right there she at thetime was nine months no judgment keepgoing around all that stuff and when thegrab stuff and mix up but she understoodso she was like I was alright so sat onthe counter skillets over here thebatter’s right here so she’s grabbingthem like yeah just throw the power andeggs and milk and she’s loving itlaughing everything and some lay alrightlet me turn the skill on let me warmthat up so she’s mixing she’s mixing andthen I think and that’s the thing aboutthese kids bed you just a blink of a I just put the batter over here andthen she’s like oh why he took thebetter way so she leans over and putsher wrist on the skillet like that and Iwas like Oh put it away and she it wasone of those times where she looked atyeah that delayed can you not delete itI think I got butter I got water puteverything on and put everything onshe’s still screaming crying I’m likebloody murder I’m sorry and I think Ifinally gave her some children’s motrinyeah and then that that soaked endedyeah sure and then she had like a redwelp right here and the skillet waswarming up so I didn’t like burn burnbut I like it burned the reviews and theski remote yeah and scare the show overso never cook pancakes with your childyou

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