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my friends & i make vegan pancakes… *FAIL*

3 clueless girls, 1 vegan dish


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Hello people of the Internet (didn’t get to say my usual intro because we were in a rush)!

Obviously this was not meant to be a tutorial on how to make vegan pancakes, but nevertheless I really enjoyed making this video! It was filmed a few days before one of my best friends Laetisha left for Cardiff, UK! We failed horribly in making them – as you can tell from the thumbnail – but it was definitely one of the fondest (and weirdest) memories I’ve had with Laetisha. Tish, if you’re reading this, I love you! Continue to do great things, soar to new heights and live your best life. Lots of hugs and kithes from Indonesia 💖 For the meantime, enjoy the catastrophe that is this video.



Recipe used –

♪ Charming – saib.

🍰 Age – 16
🍰 Where I’m from – Jakarta, Indonesia
🍰 Camera used – iPhone X
🍰 Editing – Final Cut Pro X

Original of the video here

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