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Video Transcription

so I’m making pancakes for the firsttime yes I made that pancake um yeahit’s really so yeah let’s go thank youwhat do you want more pancakes on theorder for an order oh yeah they syrupfor your baby pancake uh yeah I’ll getthat at a sec yeahstay on stay with me huh okay I’ll beright make it pay okay so we wait forthe pancake this is real this is onegood pancake all right give me this wellmy pancakes suck itOh God okay okayno stop it stopI need they oh yeah you’re littering andwatching your staff what you’re watchingyou might you’re watching your sister bea failure at trying to make pancakes[Music]take a thick pancake pancake pan wouldyou like me to make you pancake anotherone over you’ll know every pancake oh mygodguys I’m failing when I loved one out often how would you think my pancakeswould taste how bad how happy how wouldyou have a good do you think thesepatients with taste yeah put down thesyrup oh yeah let me bottom she’d cook alittle more hey hey don’t touch thebatter what’s the matterit’s batter check the bottom then I slapit downsee guys I can make pancakes do you wantanother pancake okay yeah really good ohmy gosh I said endless


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