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Moroccan Pancake – Msemen

This is a brief tutorial on how to make Msemen or Moroccan Pancake. This video is very limited on instructions on how to thoroughly make it such as measuring the ingredients precisely. Please enjoy this video, subscribe for more content, and comment any ideas you may have for future videos :).

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi all this is going to be a brief
tutorial on how to make em seaman first
things first you will need a bowl with a
little bit of flour and a whole bunch of
Salmonella and mix it with water so you
can make your batter next thing you will
need a bowl with melted butter and water
just like that so it can make the batter
nice and flat like that and you will put
the batter in greased bowl kind of like
this one so that you can fly on it and
you will use the butter mix with water
periodically to use it to flatten it in
a nice shape just like that and you will
put it on the stove with a pot that’s
pre-greased and preheated so that this
sorry the batter can be nice and dark
and also cooked well just like the one
you will see now so enjoy Baptiste
jeez but usually it’s homemade how
better but pronounced cheese when you
see these bubbles it’s men that’s very

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