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Making Yummiest Pancakes

Kids love pancake. Since It’s Winter break from school they help me to make it. For them it’s the yummiest and easiest pancake ever made with there tiny little hands.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]we’re gonna meet you can make like thisokay beautiful side and then how its toanyhow get full of the know you thenwith you’re gonna wait your turn okayyou get the so Alexis Nick so now wemakethat is all what are you making jellyokay yeah you put here one how many cupsyou make in there nopeone cup milk and why my egg and thenyou’re gonna put 3 3 tbsp of butter youcan put like thatvery good enough for today 3 tbsp meltedbutter yeah it should be melt in themicrophone what are you doing jellyI think if this mix already gonna driveshow me your hands sorry get the job[Music]going that we’re gonna mix the eggs areeggs gonna get the fun just to stay likethat first[Music][Music]okay I look at mommywhen are you gonna put the pancake okaylike that baby you’re gonna remove thereand they’re like that cuz you’re gonnatake a showerand you can go down tomorrow but I willmove todayI’m a zombie look a Greek and plankythere we go oh that’s no nice Maisiebaby[Music]

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