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Making weird pancakes!

Hope you enjoyed! 😎😎😍😍

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Video Transcription

so what’s the first step okay
you have to beat the milk butter and
eggs and lightly in a mixing bowl we
need 3/4 of a cup of milk that should
have been three quarters right is there
no 3/4 this is it right here 3/4 right
nope 3/4 of a cup so you said three
quarts then two tablespoons of butter
melted and one egg
each other lately
so just to there mixed do it too much
okay now we need to do take your finger
then you’re gonna level it off there you
go okay dad in there all right and then
baking powder
how much 2 teaspoons of it you can pull
it right off you don’t have to do
everything and 2 tablespoons of sugar
does that have a table
okay well three teaspoons is a
well if three teaspoons is in one
tablespoon and you need two tablespoons
okay and salt half a teaspoon of salt
you don’t have to put that much in you
can put less in if you want just shake
it onto the spoon you put half of that
in you don’t really need that much
that’s fine okay now it says just turn
it up just enough to dampen the flour
love each other side the edge side my
dad just the edge side okay and I think
you’ve confused them enough okay does
that look like it’s all mixed how about
on the bottom make sure just get a good
stir to make sure the bottom is okay
we’re good that’s all you need
these what we have I would put them in
swine I’m gonna be hard hard and crunchy
though probably should have tasted them
before you put them in huh sugar mm-hmm
don’t eat your sprinkles I know I mean
like oh well you’re gonna make just one
color are you gonna be one of those well
I don’t think I’m kidding there’s
plastic bowls in the drain over there
behind you yeah
be careful there’s no avalanche you can
take that bag out of there it’s dry I’m
gonna mix in here okay it’s not it’s not
really up big recipe yeah you might just
leave the rest right in that bowl and do
it right from that big bowl all right
no we put this oh yes
we won’t put the yellow in this one put
the cap on when you’re done doesn’t
slide out there still
beautiful pink
there’s a lot of blue yeah I’m gonna
turn your face blue I guess that’s a
pretty blue look at science okay hiding
for me
and finally the Popo I’m trying to oh
this my husband knows it oh yeah
probably has all the sprinkles in it
yeah I didn’t feel any in the other ones
okay yeah I think that’s enough okay
don’t look purple teeth purple and blue
the Nexus twinkles
I am the sprinkle queen and I use this
one yeah you can use that
No the pink one
strawberry acceptors good
no okay finally it’s a blue one
finally the purple one I’m like yeah I’m
the wall but okay go take over please
really I’m now pouring in the pancake
mix that sizzles have lost their color
yeah no the yellow that’s sizzle yeah
that looks weird I don’t I don’t know if
I like the yellow one Nana yeah that’s
just weird
the pre blue
and the pink one that says Yolo look I
feel like I cook faster with the photo
and then stuffing it like the purple one
already so let’s see you so this is how
the spore she turned out yeah I removed
the bands this morning so I think I know
this isn’t a squishy makeover but I
think I’m going to secure them more but
yeah but I’m not gonna do anything else
okay until later because yeah I got
stuff to do places to be
what okay we will come back to the
squishy okay boom professional look at
that look at that
yeah that one’s ago okay okay okay
um I was done I can use that dude I will
be back okay back to swish yep now we
are going dip that one I’m gonna do this
one actually that one I need this the
balloon okay one second
well okay now let’s eat okay let’s eat
let’s keep that see you up and I need a
fork please
yeah I can’t eat this with us yeah I’m
so special look I watch this cool to me
hammer to it that was it good and it
which one is next you’ll see that’s
upsetting so we have to move to the
living room but oh no the last one Oh in
this batch those are super
look there’s stupa hard to top I’ll see
you when I’m done with this one boom and
they’re done well I hope you enjoyed and
please subscribe please and like and I
hope you’re doing so bye

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