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Making Vegan Protein Pancakes

ahhhHHHHHhhHhh – so i tried to make vegan protein pancakes…

Vegan Protein Pancakes Recipe –

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Video Transcription

recently I watched a Netflix documentaryis called game changes now there hasbeen so much hype about this film it wasreally interesting there was a lot ofdifferent things that never known beforetoday we are going to do something thatI’ve wanted to do for a very long timeone to actually buy some plant-basedprotein because I am like I saidtolerant unfortunately which means Ikind of changed the kind of milk and Ican’t have chocolate which is probablythe saddest thing that I lost when Iwent lactose intolerant I didn’t reallygo like this intolerant I just found outthat I was like this intolerant becausemy skin was breaking out and my stomachhurt after every single Jeremy I found avery random recipe on the internet Iwill link the recipe in the descriptionbelow but it is a very or supposed to bea very simple way of making veganprotein pancakes I’m hungry and whatbetter time to eat them right now solet’s try and cook this I’m very verynervous though because I’m not a verygood cook so bear with mealso can we talk about the pain that Imade the back what happened to my voiceyou said I am so untalented ah and Ithink I did a really good job okay let’sgo straight over here and get started wehave a few ingredients I’m literallygonna be reading of this thing righthere we first need to add all the dryingredients into a bowl I’m gonna getenough for four just like I make somepredict and hopefully he’ll want themtry them in we don’t have any measuringtools in this house so for our cupmeasurements like this is why I knowthis is gonna fail I’ve already goneinto it not having the right thing sowe’re gonna use this as a cup is this acup I actually don’t know like it okayit genuinely is a cup yes but is it acup for cooking probably we need one cupof all-purpose flour which by the waythis was impossible to find okay youknow I’m literally looking I’m notjoking Val only three minutes yeah she’slike scanning is one area I google itfor one second I’m like oh this must beitall we also need some pea plant proteinwhich also was very hard to find becauselike how do you know what a good plantproteins meant to beright here we found this section and tobe honest there’s actually quite a lotit this looks amazingstrawberry jam donut flavor is very goodyeah oh my goodness cookie dough withpeanut butter I get this oneit’s like perfect for the video as wellwe need sea salt but as many of you mayor may not know I am useless so insteadit’s what we’re using Himalayan rocksalt he’s that gonna make it taste worseprobably maple syrup which we don’t ownin this apartment this is the problem ofhaving a healthy apartment you reallydon’t have anything that’s like actuallygood and one cup of water and more asneeded stressful okayby the way we are having likeexistential crisis overload here in theworld of my brain I don’t know what’sgoing on last week I don’t know ifMercury’s in retrograde mercury is likejust taking itself out of the solarsystem Mercury’s just disappearedbecause my brain and work has been sohectic right now that really artfullymanaged everything but it is Fridaytoday which means it is the end of theweekend I’m definitely not an advocateof thank God it’s Friday it should bethank God it’s every day but I today andbreaking my promise to myself that everyday is gonna be fun and pictures waitedto Friday and now every day from here onout for the rest of my life will be funright it doesn’t work oh that does itthankful for a supportive familysupportive friends put a partner Dec thebest Jaclyn the best honestly Dec is thebest if you guys don’t know dick was myboyfriend we’ve been together for almostthree years which is like insane my mindis just blown by that but anyway that’senough of thatGod job if it’s like some ASMR thatpeople like enjoy this part where I justlike pour it like I mean this isn’treally a cooking channel but I meanweekend we can make it work I missfilming like this I was putting so muchpressure on all the videos that I wasmaking this is gonna taste so disgustingI’m using this plant protein I don’tactually know if it’s good this is thebest I’m gonna try it I put a quarter ofa cup of it inside herethis might be I’m quite interesting forpeople to see reason one sitting likethis is cuz I’m scared that I actuallylove the middle part but now they havehalf a teaspoon of sea saltwe don’t have sea salt we also only havetwo hands which means I’m gonna just bemessing everywhere oh my god what awasteI’m gonna guess sure and then last butnot least we have to mix do I have amixer this cancer mix up we’re gonna mixit together as Hannah said you mix itall together and you know you’ll get thebest oh this is gonna taste so bad itdoesn’t smell bad like a good signand they said it was gonna be bubblyright this is truth or anythingit’s too much how big he’s going to bethis is something I’ve learned recentlyand by racing I mean yesterday uponreflecting after I was like having alittle bit of a bad day in the hardesttimes in her life is where the bestlearnings are mmm there’s probablybetter way of saying that what I foundis whenever I’m like the saddest orwhenever I’m like struggling the mostit’s when I actually figure out what Iwant to be doing where I make the moststrides to becoming a better person orbecoming better at whatever it is I’mdoing with that being said over the lastfew weeks have been quite hard andchallenging we have made some reallyreally cool things happen as well andfor that I’m very very thankful for allthe struggles I’m having I think we’reactually done at this point this isgonna be obviously extra deep but that’show we like life bigger a bit more funand be more excited you’re not I meanthat he’s so thick we’re gonna believein ourselves I may be back when this isneeding a flip because yeah do you feelthat like you know what I meanlike I think my first problem wasassuming that this was a nonstick panbecause this is not gonna come offyou’re not gonna do it was too thick butit actually tastes really good goes fromthis I’m gonna keep eating this becausehonestly it actually tastes really goodI mean like it needs to be dull but youalso drink thiswith water so I check these I’ve gottabe near something mini-mom thanks forcoming along and watching ok bye

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