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Making Pancakes With Your Girlfriend [F4A][roleplay][audio][flirty]

PANCAKES. Seriously, let’s make some. And let’s have some fun and smooches along the way.

NOTE: The recipe described in the audio is actually the recipe I use for pancakes. I recommend it if you want to try it yourself!

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The awesome “me” art was made by Gabriel Abellano. You can check out more of his work here:

As always, thanks for listening!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

ah reallyno I love a good ambush hug but that onereally caught me off guardI got flour on me you know what you’reright that is what aprons are for exceptfor this one problemI’m not wearing an apron indeed morningsweetness what are you even doing out ofbed isn’t this still technicallynighttime for you hmm I get thathunger is a powerful motivator wellyou’re in luck I’m making breakfastpancakes what else really you actuallywant to hmm I don’t know if I shouldtrust youoh I don’t know you’ve got that twinklein your eye and you’re terrible athiding your smirk OhOh what don’t play innocent with meyou think kissing me senseless thisearly in the morning will sway me yeahyou’re rightit will okay come here I’ll show youwhat to dowait wash your handsjust do it goober you want pancakes ornot no no now you have to keep yourhands to yourself so we can work I knowbut I’m not on the menu not yet anywayhere hold this bowl that’s got a cup anda half of flour in itdon’t don’t fling flour at me it’s on myeyelashes I have flour on my eyelashesoh I know that look mm-hmm yes I doyou really want to start this do youbecause I can skip the pancakes and makeit freakin snow in here Ohtry me big shot I will wreck this placeand then I’ll make you pay for ruiningbreakfast careful fool you what do youmean what you don’t fool meare we having pancakes or are wetrashing the kitchen well yeah probablyboth so let’s do this come on back towork so we can eat here put a tablespoonof sugar in the flour right there themeasuring spoons are right there yepSugar’s over here mmm nice now put ateaspoon of salt in thereperfect last thing three and a halfteaspoons of baking powder that’s inthis can right here success you can betaught no no no don’t take homie atleast put the bowl in a safe place wedon’t want to waste that mix ah geezthat was close hmm you’re being recklessnot that that’s out of character for youright now I value pancakes more than mysafety I will throw myself in front of abullet for that bowl of dry mix I’mallowed some hyperbole I’m starvinghere come watch me I’m gonna mix the wetingredients with the dry yep this is thewet over here it’s a cup and a quarterof milk one eggand three tablespoons of melted butterthink you can remember that not a chancein hell huh yeah thought so no problemit’s written down somewhere I’ve justdone it so often that I remember it okaylet’s make a well oh well it’s like thislook we make a little dent in the pileof dry mix so it looks like a tinyvolcano of course there’s no lava thewet mix is the lava wait let me checkthe pan first I want it to be hot beforeI mix this you always want to mix thewet and dry at the last minute and neverever over mix you know that’s a goodquestion my grandma always says thepancakes get tough if you over mix butI’m not sure what that even means I meantough pancakes are still pancakes rightnot that it matters I still listen toher okay the pan is hot let’s do this goahead put the wet into the volcanodon’t don’t even think about it don’tlook at me like that I’m trusting youright now I’m trusting you with thismost sacred dutyso that we can have breakfast and sothat I won’t start the day eating coldcereal and being sad okay one more kissI will happily pay the kiss toll if itmeans pancakes there all right sweetnessdump that in yes nicely done now I’mgonna whisk it it’s okay if there’slumps apparently that’s better than overmixing you know what ask grandma she’sthe uncle IRA of breakfast I’m justwalking in her shadow hmm no you’re notin my way actually I like when you dothat you hugging me from behind he’s myhands-free to mix hmm don’t distract metoo much the work isn’t over yet thatfeels really nice though hmm I didn’tthink anything could turn my attentionaway from pancakes but you’re certainlymaking a valiant effort all right wejust need to cook them now I need aladle hey do we want chocolate chips inthese yeah we can skip at this time butnext time hell yeah chocolate chips ormaybe pumpkin pancakes hmm okay let’sget these made we ladle the batter onthe griddle just like this yepperfect then we just need to flip themyou want to be the pancake flipper youthink you can do it without flipping anyunder the floor no the dog doesn’t needany pancake seriously she’s already achunk I mean look at her just be carefulpromise all right you can be the flipperno not yet watch the pancakes when yousee bubbles coming to the surface of thebatter and popping that’s about time toflip you can pry up the edge and peektoo just to be sureoh yes I’m a pancake wizard a lifetimewith breakfast food addiction has servedme well I see popping bubbles maybecheck now looks good alright flip masterdo your thing wow I’m impressed you didthat like a pro wait now what’s thatface huhhave you been playing me do you actuallyknow how to make pancakes are youmessing with me right now you do notpull off the innocent look well you knownope not remotely believable damn I’m anidiot Here I am being all educationalshowing you my techniques and you’re thesecret pancake expert the whole time nono no no you know what next time you’remaking the pancakes oh no I won’t behelping I’ll be sleeping you can makethem and I can enjoy them I think that’sfair hey watch it we still need to makethe rest of these I don’t know if you’reforgivenand I still have flour on my eyelashestell you what you finish making thepancakes I’ll clean up the kitchen andheat up the maple syrup no then we’regonna eat the pancakes but then after weeat we can go back to bed deal hmm goodthat sounds very nicenow get flippin over there chef I’mcounting on youyou

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