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We woke up in the morning and decided to vlog us making pancakes haha. We hope you guys like and enjoy the video 🙂

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

yo what’s up guys just ghost ones thatnodded again with another video guystoday we’re gonna be making pancakessorry guys excuse me for my hat my penright here it’s got them to him it’s aBible study my hat it’s cold in myapartment I ain’t trying to crank thatheat on because it’s gonna skyrocket ourbill trying I know Austin trying to saysome money out here you knowno I’m saying but yeah guys let’s get toit so I already kind of started some ofit so what we got here is we cut up someHershey Kisses I love chocolate so Iwant to incorporate that chocolate in mypancake and we it’s a little bit ofschool school means joining too much andthen for the egg for less than fourthanks for the pancakes there’s actuallytwo eggs that are in there so we getthat protein I’m saying that proteinprobably not gonna be as good as itwould be without the eggs but you knowit’s gonna be good is what it is isright to be eaten right that’s right sothat matters so guys today it’s justbeen a great day woke up did some plowsI talked to a Lord and I just said youknow why not do it I get your video whenmaking pancake the scales please yeahscales like why not why not and you justdo thismake sure[Music]any guys yeah I’m gonna head with it ohno I didn’t know exactly so he didn’tknow he didn’t know existoh you get it you’re gonna get it buddyyeah oh but we are so wait until gets higuysyeah you know a week that think it’ssuper hard I burnt myself on this likemultiple times guys oh that’s a lot ofpigs guys for just two peopleoh yeah is it is it sir or syrup ja it’szeroplease sir sir zero syrup syrup syrupsyrup can’t go wrong with this I have tohave that syrup had that serum guys whyI’m such such a good movie now guys Iwonder do you told you guys a youtubevideo what you guys because I just feltthe Colin just feel like when to do ityou’re a happy joyful spirit today solet’s go make a pizza sauce makeopinions with the scale stop in aMerinos I’m sorry I don’t care about youI do my hair no who cares what you looklikelike tears we don’t care what otherpeople care as long as you’re comfy aslong as you know you’re in it let’s go -all that matters matters okayyourself be who God created you to betry to be someone you’re notI guess for you I think it’s good that’sa little mixed this let’s mix this thingup real quick I’ll give it an extra clipgive it a mix it makes me hold it up tothe camera real quickholding it up here we go mix it mix itmix it mix it good yeah just looking atthat makes me just want like pop thatdownwell that on ice okay this is goodall right so how big do you want thespace you need to get two big bowls twobig plates big plates you need to gettheir plates guys but this is gonna runout so we have to fineI’m gonna stop I don’t know how you wantme to make um Josh big let me make apinky throw another baby okay we wrapfollow me the page oh you like the nicewhite line let’s goalright so quick[Music]alright what’s inside nice nice nicenice alright[Music]okay all right it’s gonna give you guyssomething you guys want some so we’regonna put the chocolate in just drippinglike that golden look at that Louisefrom the golden Wow gonna flip all rightso guys this is the house make ourpancakes usually we usually go with justbuttermilk but we wanted to add the eggsin for the protein because I reallydidn’t feel like making eggs on the sideso we just add the eggs inside and pluslike a steamie tastes like wet dog don’task me how I know that wet dog tasteslike because what I smell is what Itaste an old some you guys can relatebut yeah I mean I feel like they’restill gonna be good the chocolate isgonna just top it off we love oh we justgot done the last pancake oh good thoselookI’m just like I’m here about the that’swhy you got me making who you can’t makethe girls like alright to you right nowI’ll prove it to you I’ll prove it toyou above that all right guys wow thisplate looks like a sneaker pancakeswhich you just go over a little bit[Music]there you go pancakes but skills that’scoldhope you guys are having an amazing dayproductive morning thank God for thisfood right just very thankful we canjust sit here and enjoy a nice meal andpeacejust the littlest things we got agrateful for life guysI think you guys are getting closer ifyou say grace like me come ontrying to eat my pancakes so God beforewe eat we always say grace yes so Sean’ssay grace please father we want to thankyou for this food Lord we ask that yousink to find bless this food for thenourishment of our bodies in Jesus namewe pray amen amenlet’s go oh let’s dive in usually mytastes a little different[Music]thanks brooh you kiss it makes it better bottle ofsyrup man oh shoot I will guys we don’twant to have you guys keep on watchingus that cuz sorry sorry we just want tomake a youtube video we’re making thepancakes Pascal swims like why notTennessee’s sorry we look like the waywe do I don’t careyeah me neither but we hope you guyslike the video we did you guys to givethis video a thumbs up if you liked itif you truly liked it if you truly likethat only though that bail notificationfor a future feels right whoever it isyeah so stay tuned for the next videoguys the next video we plan to do avideo you guys will just see so it’sgonna be like very touching yourselfjust stay true to that video but yeahwe’ll catch you guys the flipHey[Music]


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