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Making pancakes with my sister TTrocks

Showing how we make pancakes using a 20 inch griddle

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s Adam came to Zumba andtoday I’m here with Tiki Watts and we’remaking pancakes so this is how we makethe pancakes we have a pancake mix soI’m gonna put two DS inside and I putsome in here and then I put it to fit inhere then I go again then I take somespring water then I use this one that Ipour some water in here that aredefinite that I have to mix it up untilit’s all good like this and then a DS incharge of they’re like little Matt cakestuff yeah say kids house you can tellthat it’s up well so I was the way I wastaught to make pancakes is that you haveto put some butter first on the skilletor some like bran oil so that it’s likelubricated and then you have to waituntil the bottom right if you have thisyou can just feel the bottom and if it’slike solid and if it doesn’t stickanother way to tell is and as you cansee if you look closely you can see thisis more elevated than this that’sbecause this already use them how we ateI guess you can see it’s more solid thevolume is more song so goodwhat looks like that now after you flipit you should not flip it again becausethat’s that’s like one of those no boardwas or it depends whether flipped partsform over there then you press it down[Music]these ones where our oh great sodifferent any syrup yes we put somepancakes and voila you made lovelypickets Wow good job hundreds of Tuesdayokay beautifulalright let’s wait until you’re finishedthen we can taste your pancakes good jobthank you[Music]

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