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making pancakes w megan

makin pancakes on a saturday mornin sure is a ball.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay we’re making waffles today Oh[Music][Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music]yes I take a shower every morning thisMonday it’s to be see what if I tookmore jobs I would never be able to getout I know it feels so good oh my goshsometimes I wish I could just take ashower I have my like take thatscorching hot shot someone after thatthat he’s been in bad I hear you I willcatch youwe’re back okay oh very nice our younginexperienced in the pancake send thechin stop barking Rudy think you’retrying to be cute and you try and getthe girl you ain’t gonna get er maybeunless you stop barkingI will always love you[Music][Music]okay so here’s the date so I want tohelp my keys canvas here which is justlike a camp tonight um my choice choicefor like little kids they’re like thirdsand pictures right and I really want tohelp okay so I really want to help but Idon’t have like any money and I favoredmyself so I’m thinking I can either likesell t-shirts I can sell food what youknow people buy because it’s you knowfood Oheverything except your girl just babythe way it’s like meeting you the onlyto dance around this crowd and ropehaha readyelevator time with Megan okay next butit’s like busy because she said babydoes intention brushes with you that’slike I mean like more than ever I guessyou could say things looking prettyserious cabbies even a verse 20 like andit’s talking about me knows somethingthat you know nothing about floss once aweek umberto teeth every nightdon’t boo don’t do it right next to pickI will smack you back to the pinky gamethat was a great[Music]what no wow there’s nobody in here cookwith me and I’m boreddon’t care talk to me okay so yeah[Music][Music][Music][Music]

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