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Making PANCAKES TUTORIAL (ingredients in the description)

Pancake mix
1 and one half cup of water
Vegetable oil
Chocolate syrup


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what’s up today we’re gonna grab ourpancake mix – tastywe just bought at these open this[Music]we’re slowly to an end[Music]looks like[Music][Music]just keep mixing it until it looks likelittle mixedokay guys but once it’s all the mixedlooks like this then it sit for fiveminutes so I’ll be right back[Music]did you add oil okay so yeah a vegetableoil in thereand then mix it very well so hands onvery very nice thingsgrab some scoop for like okay now flipit over one minute so after all that addsome chocolate syrup or just originalsyrup so guys she’s off washing machinesleep I like to this video subscribe tomy channel we haven’t said a month ain’tsupposed to get notified when I uploadnew videos for almost every day’s guys[Music]

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