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Making pancakes pt 1

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Video Transcription

hey guys I can worked in the video but
today I’m with Chloe
hey Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe and I am he
could make the best pancakes because I’m
hungry and you want breakfast
so yeah so our ingredients are penguins
smartears Nesquik powder like the
chocolate powder chocolate sauce and
raspberry syrup so let’s get started
hey guys I’m back my ingredients and I
got the powder and these penguin and
some snacks because Chloe was using the
sauce and we’re microwaving Mia’s
probably okay so I’m not gonna worry and
cook this also and I’m going to just
like rub it like make it fool you want
them take some off put it down here we
spread it down and then you put your pen
tab okay so now
take this squish entice hate we go mend
the role of small tears actually my
flights come again under a pancake lift
oh just mighty surprised that one yeah
hey guys I’m just gonna wash my hands
okay so what I’m you know I’m sure my
got some powder and this sprinkle is
there any more smartly like community
yeah trust them yeah just put them
thank you that wouldn’t cut off part of
cake on penguin hey guys what do you
call if I were to hang with penguins and
Chewbacca’s go out oh my god I she’s my
sister Madge oh okay
what’s your one well having a radial
healthy breakfast and magenta suggest me
that have to be healthy and then look at
okay everyone get my pudding oh
why occasionally see this okay so I’m
gonna wash my hand no you don’t see you
in the microwave okay guys bye bye
Chloe’s then this is babies so now we’re
gonna get microwave Casey once done sir
no they’re just a microwave nice and
then I’ll see you at the end of the
video when we’re gonna be

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