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Making Pancakes part 3!

Comment what your favorite pancake topping is.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so this is part three since Iaccidentally closed off that’s a babystarted eating my keyboard and Iaccidentally have to click off so that’sthat’s great chances watch him what areyou doing well there’s an Amazon truckCallie did you order any Amazon packagesnever mind you drove away see I’m notgonna show you outside since our streetsigns right out there and we’re notgonna have stalkers yes we don’t likestalkers is that right Kellydo we like stalkers because I said I’mnot showing them outside because ourstreet signs out there and we’re notgonna have stalkers come to our houseall right so wait don’t you wanna aswell Christmas oh yeah yeah we’re notgonna say it because we’re not justsurpriseyou can’t see upside so joke’s on youthis is like a lot because I’m a losermy own YouTube channel and I won’t leavestuff for it you know as a camera mm-hmmoh yeah that’s what I need have a campno not a blog came back so ha volumecamera I want a computer I want yourpods um oh a parts is a good idea youdon’t have a phone to connect me toshush itshe had a tablet um and I want like alight like a circle a ring light yesthat’s for taking selfies it’s also likethe lighting is up and then I want likea little playhouse for like YouTube likehouse honestly I just make a littlesecond moon and then yeah here’s a guyyep whatever you don’t get on Christmasexactly cause my birthday’s afterChristmas not like I’m not like rightafter Christmas but it’s like it’s aneighbor because my birthday is in AprilApril April she just has a hat in hismouth Chauncey had a hat no don’t putthat on you mm-hmm um April 7thno no salmon very very very closeApril’s my fix no opposite way yesit’s April 20th see I was just jokingwith you guys I knew it oh what’smy birthdayit’s on it Joe it’s August 24th no 14thyeah yeah I knew it was either 24th or14th because my friend Alyssa has thesame birthday as you Alissa claw BijouxI shouldn’t have said that I think Idon’t know Callie yeah just muted youcan’t come back for part 4

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