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Making pancakes part 1

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Video Transcription

Hey[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah[Music]so when you’re done filling it up[Music][Music][Music]the doggy some children[Music][Music][Music][Music]you also make sure the oven is what thestove[Music]and it until it looks like this I don’twant to get oh hey Chris stop it that’sall finishedyou’re my go-to I mean I had too muchyou know she’s sharing I want you to becareful because they can use some ofthis a little bit of dents okay so so beextra careful if you do not have butterthen use vegetable oil my mom is gonnapour in cuz hmm I doso the oven has to go the stove it stillhas to go on high and you gotta want aparent to do this cuz there should be alittle very careful because that’s oilan extreme danger if you don’t havebutter then you could use oil so whenyou done really rather than a girl herewe don’t have to let it heat up and makesure you put it on four or five when youlet the world[Music]good good you know straight oil soon myhalf said it’ll burn you so you have tobe really careful and we’re gonna likethatwait so while we let that wait we’regoing there[Music]and so mommy is it donethe oil soap cup in your hand like thisis a bargain because if you do youwouldn’t be okay[Music][Music]can I get rid of some of the oil can Iget rid of the leftover oil can I getaround the leftover oil thank you how tomake pancakes she could help you so I’mgonna end this video until it’s all doneso goodbye my love so that is it forpart one there’s obviously gonna bring apart soon don’t forget to subscribe butI like button and case jeans I love youguys good a bye

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