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Video Transcription

coach terabytes we do accidentally pauseokay don’t trip just wait you did nextone okaythat’s big enough for ya you’re justgonna like freaks it’s nice rightso because we do the video as wellbecause this obviously is not gonna stopon our store way so I was gonna be otherone that’s doing good as I don’trun to people and then tell them tosubscribeyep when you flip you have to wait tillthe moles do bit bit bit beeping what isit makes it makes it little bit backthese max faster though you don’t see meboth but I on here[Music]you never got rid of our hide-and-seekvideo boy they we’ve got um you knowwhen we go to actual channel you can seeit it’s fine and then whenever you goingto like can you press it look just pressit down yes um when they shake againjust press it yeah um yeah well now whenwe go into like a different account andgoing to hashtag girl squad it’s not onthat I now welcome guysoh yeah I loved this it was a reallysorry Lynette it’s ready guys alrightguys so we’re just gonna hold this shedon’t know it’s going to work becausethis is also seen the behind the sceneseyelid she left she left you my frienddid be doingum yeahI want someone worthy to join sureso guys I’m full man we’re gonna have tomake more oh hey it’s not bad you knowum it’s not bad it’s just a bit proudokaysomeone’s on okay that looks like atable we’re gonna come back on to thatI’m neither but which I’m just gonnatext someone Oh French I forgot ithi are you homeare you a bad when you gonna be backokay okay because we might kid when Ikeep pancake soon as I be you oh yeahbut it’s okay okay byeyou know sorry let’s go bye[Music]okay those two it down back to livebecause we’re special yeah this is funoh sorry what would be our up my housewould get them what would you do weshould do a channel like a CookingChannel yeah we’re gonna make this alittle bit bigger for with herhashtag guys got illness this is mydebut yeah this recruits more about bigyeah oh you can make a small one let’smake a different shape pancakes yeahit’s not ready yetyeah do that[Music][Music][Applause][Music]guys I searched the edge but I’m tryingcan be done a small one but even that’sslow guys you’ve got to fit up fast whenyou might pancakes we’re gonna pause thevideo a bit more I’m getting really goodI left my mom left you see you see ityou’re everything a videoshe’s not on that sighs fine yeah welltold her how to cook you knowyou know you can just break in hard youpress it down open you make I’ll do thatwell cocaine I think this videos offer Ijust couldn’t do it on me but we’regonna do a pop to see ya guys this ispart 2 in my it might go a bit wrong welike the little bacon joy at one but Ican share it and then we’re gonna eatthese I’ve never tried it with honey I’mjust going if I don’t like youI’m only going to put a little bit on itokay don’t rip it yet just like yeah I’mnot funny but it’s a bit sweet guys I’mtrying to for me like I’ve tried Nutellaon toasthi hi I just heard you were the it’sdisgustingyou know I believe I said don’t worryyou don’t do being hounded yetapparently I’m hardship ityeah cops would make some big ones don’thelp me I can’t do it okay yeah I did itburied us by surprise I thought mydriver works very very because it doesI’ve got to start out I’m a nice with myhands going look at Charlie I’ll do itagainwhoa back up no not better like so muchthe box oh I’m making these at home manthese are nice no no no no you know anytip 6 – yeah I’m sure – suggestion why’dyou give me this good you got honey onor something but it’ll do it taste likeanything on its own yeah I don’t like itI’m not sure how it’s happenedyou’ve got I’ll get trigger shot videofollow my recipe it’s so nice it’s mecuz of meyeah so the things you need is oil oryou can use the spriteshe means it in your thing just likethat stick you like a bowl you candilute anything you want to know hernameI need milk you cannot anything on thehoodie I mean I’m just hang tight Iswear this year is that spring look atfulfilling every Johnny yeah we didpocket yeah you see I just eitherbusiness it’s just like there withinthat earth than I oh I can’t go Sarge Ithink it’s maybe pocket because wethought that was gonna make more I knowwhat so I think we might add this inspot one we got that it’s going to be apot to live yeah that I’ve seen itsvideo subscribe

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