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Making pancakes in my new skillets

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh yes I wanted to shout out didn’t
shout out
I want to shout out my nephew orlando
tomorrow’s his birthday will be fifteen
years old so leave a comment form time
happy birthday and I related message
song she’s a big supporter like I said
make sure you subscribe make sure you
leave your like make sure you comment on
the video share it baby
whoever you want just make sure you get
the word out I’m trying to grow this
YouTube channel to something positive
you know this is my passion and I want
this to go somewhere I want to my goal
like I said before I want to get to want
a and I’m gonna make the special dinner
and everything but I do want to I do one
day want to meet Bobby Flay dye fizzy
and other than guys I love there I love
the way to cook I love right to Ray
Paula Deen and all of them I just love
how they took him they did inspirate me
to cook even more and try different
things and do different things with my
oh yeah Gordon Ramsay I love him even
though he’s a heart our person but I get
why he’s like that because he’s very
passionate about his food and I’m the
same way like I’m very passionate about
what I do and everything so yeah that’s
my goal that’s to meet these people
darlings you know watch your shows and
get good ideas and all that so yeah I
wanted to make it happen one each day
but other than that I don’t want you
guys to have a good Sunday morning hug
your loved ones kiss them do whatever
you got to do and just have a blessed
day all right
until next time love you guys god bless
you peace out

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