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Making pancakes for the first time pt 2

Hope u enjoy

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I’m looking through my camera phone so I
don’t know how fucking Jesus is I don’t
know how this is a hope is good there
that’s it I don’t know it looks huge on
my fucking phone
holy shit that small okay the fucking
much shit
okay listen listen put it on five yes I
said put on five fucker now fair taste
this with nothing
put me in Gordon Ramsay tight fuckin
movie breath if you ever makes one I
don’t know because I’m bad shit oh this
shit tastes good whatever it takes I’ll
go sugar in the bitch can take say a
they got too much egg I put two fucking
eggs so as it’s for me it’s cupcake form
and that gas fucking bad things which is
it ain’t ready but I’m ready okay
that was beautiful fucking so fucking
okay as that’s cooking the other side
I’m mixing the sugar can’t see it no
more I’m mixing up sugar with the new
battle yep
I’m mixing it real good coz shit now
that’s a pancake okay I’m gonna let that
shit I’m you sit get the fuck off my
fucking spoon Oh golden Ramsey poopy
into your fucking cooking competition
so as the freakin pancake the big
pancake over there cooking
I don’t grab his cookie I’m sorry could
fucking love you whatever type of things
that you like to put in your pancake
like Nutella it’s almost ready
well first I’m telling what I have right
here so I’m gonna set it up I’m gonna
pour the new into the old to fill it up
so yeah there’s still a little bit okay
Ready Mix this it’s so big looks more
fucking that’s pancake that your mama
makes grandma grandpa fucking family
make it fucking surprise me it’s ready
fucking for like the Belle videos great
as a pen that has the metal and it he
took the fucking pants or the heating
this goes to the fucking handle yet shit
mix it okay the butters melted let’s put
in this gas fucked up cookie and cream
looking at pancakes in here it’s not the
proud cookie looks like a theme that I
shooted out a cookie shit what I made
out okay so
my Instagram is young Tim probably young
Tim 14 if it’s not that’s your default
my snapchat will put on the screen cuz I
forgot it right now hi guys
what I’m working with for all those
people who don’t know me I have my own
meme color-safe rice with that big mouth
snapchat filter that’s my spiel to read
you can’t funk of my feel too bad my
filters crazy male straight face I’m
gonna show you a little clip break so
yeah that’s my eat the first one without
without the syrup and the second one no
taste honey where’s my rope thank you
so guys that’s gonna be the end for this
video I hope you enjoyed this pancake
video it really took me a long time like
about a hour
oh my god I’m full so I hope y’all
enjoyed this freaking video it was
freaking fun screaming dogs cat and I’ll
see you next video
and yeah boys for the boys some colors

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