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Making Pancakes For The First Time😋!

What’s up y’all it’s ya girl ItssJustAmaya Love back at it again with ANOTHER videoooo !!

Hope y’all enjoyed and tried to follow along with the video😭❤️!

Thanks for supporting me and watching my videos and I will be posting moreeee..!

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Video Transcription

okay let me do this in my roomwhat’s up y’all what’s up yeah if shedoes system I love that get it came withanother[Applause]they call me Megatron just did it sellit make sure you like comment sharesubscribe in the YouTube channelturn them on post notifications so youget a notification of every time thatpoops but yeah thank you guys forwatching my videosand thank you guys for getting theamount of you on my ass to do that itgot and just try to aim for 60 and 70and yeah so started so I’m gonna beusingthis weekend it’ll be so the first thingis yesfirst thing is okay[Music]okay[Music]that’s how you wanted that’s the perfect[Music]the same brand when you see little hoescome on the edges you go make sure youget the spatula underneath make sure youget especially all we have to meetI ain’t gonna do it do it like this putyour thumb so we see the whiteness ohthat should get far like this you canpress it down[Music]oh yeah so how y’all saw it in the panthat’s how he came out I wanted to showhow the results turned out but I didn’thave enough space so yeah but make sureyou guys like comment share subscribe tothe channel thing got so much watchingand turn to my post notifications if youwant to get notification of taking timethat I post and I’ll see you guys in mynext[Music]

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