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Making Pancakes For Our Backyard Chickens ???

Tina is making sourdough starter pancakes for our backyard chickens here at the Bumblebee Junction homestead ???


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to the channelMarch been really busy working on thesourdough starter and um yeah it gave mea little bit of a break so I could havea little time to heal but I thoughttoday I would jump in here and give hima little bit of a break cuzguess who got her stitches out yeahno more bandages no more itchy stitchesyeah I just got these little stairEaster things for a few days but theywon’t last too long I know me but anywayfor those of you who’ve been watchingthe channel for very long you know thatI don’t do the whole sitting stillthings very well and I think it’s timeto jump in here and have a little bit offun and let’s see what kind of troublewe can get into today okay so I’ve gotmy big Griego out and I’ve got it heatedup to about 300 degrees and one of thethings that people were asking mark waswhat do you do with your cast-offstarter and I’m here to show yousomething up a whole lot of fun and yourchickens will approve yes we are goingto make sourdough chicken pancakes givethis a really good stir andthis is really good for chickens andthey really enjoy it and really easyit’s just like making regular pancakesand they won’t care what sides they arejust give it a good mix you can’t addanything to it put them on the griddlejust like any other regular pancakenow I gave the chickens a big bunch ofthese yesterday and when I go out to putthem to bed at night and close up thechicken coop I always take a few minutesto stop and look at their food bowlsbecause I like to make sure goodeverybody’s getting plenty to eat so ifthere’s a little bit extra food leftoverin the bowl then I know that they wentto bed with their bellies full well whenI give them these pancakes there’salways a little extra feed left over andnot a single crumb of pancake but thismorning I went out and I got everybodyup for breakfast and they came out ofthe coop and wanted to know where theirpancakes were yes every good chickenladytalks to her chickens every day but theywere asking for pancakes and I told themthat they don’t have to wait just alittle while because I wanted to makesure that I got a big ego out so thatthere would be other chickens benefitingand they were okay with that so you justyou let them cook just like a regularpancake when I start to get the bubbleson top you slip them overthe rest of them are quite ready andI’ve got a couple of these old pie tinslittle man take them out through thechickens and as soon as these are alldone I’m gonna let them I’m gonna letthem cool you I don’t want to take themout there while they’re queue hot sorryI’m trying to do this with my right handI probably really shouldn’t beI’ll get a clean spatulaokay let’s get one more batch on haircutthird slide so hungry chickens I got lowthat you’d want to do this for yourselfthey’re not very sweet I’m sure somebodyout there has a recipe to make sourdoughpancakes but all that good stuff inthere for the chickens and they don’treally need the sugar so we’re justdoing this because we want to have alittle bit fun and we want to make thechickens happywe’re sitting on here getting a littletime bubble up they don’t quite rise andget fluffy like regular pancakes eitheroh and there’s the cat he’s don’t comein and inspect to see what we’re doingkeep a little bithey give me just a few minutes I’m sureyou don’t want to sit and watch everypancake being flipped but give me just aminuteand I’ll get the rest of them made okayso I’ve got everybody down got myGribble unplugged and cooling off andwe’re gonna give these just a little bitto cool off Utes there’s still stinkcoming off home but we’ll get them allcooled off and then we’re gonna takethem outside and I’ll show you what thechickens think of them[Music][Music]okay so I call this feeling this that Ihave work today and I hope it madesomebody laugh it’s there was a lot offun and they enjoy it and it’s a gooduse for the cat stuff starter but um ifyou’re not subscribed to the channelplease subscribe don’t forget to ringthat little bell that let you know whenwe’ve got new videos coming out anddon’t forget to stop and leave a commentor a question in the box down below weread them all and we we try to get toeverybody’s questions and I don’t reallyhave anything else I have a couple ofupcoming craft plans and ideas one ofthem I’m really looking forward to butum like to make a clock but I can’t usethe journal quite yet so that might haveto wait just a couple of days buthopefully I’ll get back to some of thethe more intense crafting I do have acouple of easy project so that I wouldlike to do and that’s all I have sowe’ll see you in the next one[Music]

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