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Making Pancakes For A Non Existent Audience

Hi everyone my name is Em and today I make pancakes while chatting with you!

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Video Transcription

hello mom – Emily makes pancake at 1:45in the afternoon she doesn’t want to eatfood from yesterdayso I’m using the wonderful C’s notsponsored I wish I mean there’s the bestoh and um this should make six to sevenman gigs so you get one cup mix you wantto make sure that it’s really always usethe plastic I know environment butcloser so mmmas you can see hopefully I am apparentlyin heaven as well as in my kitchen thisis one cup of Christie’s tanking thingssee how it’s even all the way aroundthat’s what you want and you just dropthat and you’re alrightpersonally I’m using a just like alittle whiskey thing which is definitelyis the technical term however if you aresomeone who canuse the whiskey thing because maybe youhave you know hard time with your armshave any disability of some sortanything a wish like a stand mixer withbaby fine that’s the same job I justfind that if I don’t need to use mystand mixer then I don’t use it yeahAnna so next you’re gonna get 2/3 cupwater I’m going to use bottled waterwhich you need to grab I’m back you mayask yourself why bottled waterwell and also why do I say water andwater good good question sighs to answerthe first one it’s because sometimesthey will be in the middle of cleaningit and if you have to tell anybody so itsmells like chlorine and I don’t want toeat chlorine water this is just a safeway to know okay number two why do I saywater and water well I think normallyjust say oh we’re yeah that’s the one Iknow I’m really just say water this isbecause I grew up in the north andparents are both from Philadelphia and Ithink it’s just the south fairly cleanwhich is where they’re from so they kindof like meeting a me thing it’s not notlike it’s a me thing like it’s not justfor mebut like I you know how if two parentsare British or from Britain and theirkid is living in America but becausehe’s so used to hearing that accent thatthey kind of pick up on that accidentit’s kind of like that so there’s justsome I don’t know figure out what theword is for it but there’s just somethings with words that I say because myparents say it like thatso now I’m just mixing trying to get thelumps out if it seems too thick you canalways add extra water just don’t addtoo much just in the mix like soup so Ithink I’m gonna add some more we’re justhad bit more cuz right now sigh concrete[Music]that’s not how we went look I forgot tosay I am not using a pan I am just usinga little – pancake thingy and I say theword thing you want because I was alsothing up for my parents but I think alot of people say hey assuming thatpeople know what thingy is but becauseyou don’t live with meyou can’t automatic so you’d be like ohyeah that thing means thing sorry – itmakes a thing which is just called amini waffle maker however it was alsomany pancake maker and Iand it feels like it here too eventhough I am in South Carolina so and Idon’t know what just happened with myvoice that I was like whoa anyway so I’mjust finishing mixing up my mix afteradding somewhere what are to it I wouldsay that um so so my – Thank You Sashahere has been warming up this entiretimejust be careful it’s hotobviously with anything that is like apan obviously anything that is like afan or anything that you’re puttingthings on that could stick here we’regonna want to use something to keep itoff I personally use Pam original thisis what it looks like I don’t know ifevery country has this but this is whatI use sorry if I look like a mess Idon’t care and the holidays so if Idon’t have to do stuff on weekendsthis is a quarter I just kind of eyeballhow much the pinnin sometimes I put in awoman 3 months you usually just want todo a little bit less than a quarter of acup of mix and because I have a antiqueslash waffle maker I don’t have to worryabout flipping it if you’re using thismix in a pan and trying to follow alongand you don’t have a pancake social offmake sure you don’t want to make surethat you flip it flip your pancakespeople with the otherwise yes sir Frenchpancake on one side and unmade pancakeon the otherso hopefully you flip your pancakes andhopefully I’ll just start with ourtester pancake test your pancakes arealways good to do because they can get afeel of right and how to fix itit’s basically design I’m also drinkingcoffee I am NOT a tea person I am at acoffeeso now we’re just waiting for thepancake to become a pancake you may beasking yourself how many pancakes readyI said default or and my pancake makerthat’s a good question chance so ifyou’re using a pan just a regular panfor your pancakes you would know howwhen to flip it because it’ll startbubbling the mix will start bubbling andyou’re always want to use like yourspatula the spatula test is really goodif you can get underneath the pancakeand it not stick then it’s probably agood time to flip it if you’re howeverlike me using a little pancake maker orbig pancake maker I don’t really have anice mine find it I’ll just get brownyou should be able to move it fairlyeasily and yeah that’s usually I callthis pancake test okaythis is not came out as saying you cansee the flip design it’s just a bit toosmall for my liking so we’re gonna makeanother one betterI mean we’re gonna use can we talk aboutwhile doing this fiscal responsibilityis one thing I am also not trained inthat field so I feel like I should notbe doing any advice and I’m also notgetting paid by anybody to say anythingin particular so kind of feverishscratching it’s my cat she’s trying toget me to feed her even though she hadbreakfast alreadyand she always thinks that because weused to feed her in the laundry roomshe’ll find food in thereno no no no no so what do you guys puton your pancakes I personally just dobutter and syrup or syrup however youwant to say that one and by the waythese are more like American pancakes ifyou haven’t figured that out yetso that means that people who are fromEurope they make their pancakes how wewould make our crepesso our pancakes are like big and fluffytheir crepes are kind of like thin andreally round apparently my pancakes arealso gonna be super small today but yeahI’m not complaining I love pancakesevery pancake has to be perfectnot everybody has to be perfect you’renot if you feel like you’re not that’sfine you don’t have to be I mean whateven is perfect in today’s society youknow you feel like how it should be not24 living at home making pancakes forpeople who anyone gonna watch this youknow um you should be like hey you knowwhat I’m gonna take today on is makepancakes pretend that I haven’t honeyI’m done YouTube and I don’t know justget through you know sometimes it’s hardfor people to get through the day and wejust got to figure out ways to do it I’mnot too fine if your way is climbingmountain and reading books watchingendless YouTube videos binge watchingDoctor Who you know don’t let peoplemake fun of you for how you want tospend your days if they think it’s notbeing productive enoughand thanks because you should not bejudged on how much you produce in theday your self-worth and you’re probablythis not based on that it’s just basedon how you feel how you love yourselfhow you love utters how you let yourlove come through in various ways yeahuh-huh it’s hard and especially in thiskind of world you know we’re told thatyou know if you’re not making money ifyou’re not making money for yourself orfor others you’re not you know doing apassion that’s also making money thatwhy do it because you want to becausethat mix makes you happy and in the endall you have is you you might have yourparent might have your friends right nowbut in the end when all is said and doneyou go to bed and it’s just you you haveto live with what you’ve done that dayyou have to live with your choices andeverything else so you know I understandcompletely when I tell people happy butyou make sure that you make yourselfhappy somewhere along the way make roomfor youyou are the most important person inyour life unless you’re really meanand like thinking that people shouldtake over the world because of theirrace then I don’t like you and you clickoff this video so normally I would bestacking pancakes and putting butter ontop of each one that’s just somethingI’m going to do at the end afterwardsbecause you don’t need to see that mymethod is to put pancakes on top ofpancakesbut pancake and them a lot of butter Imean like a square like a pad like youknow the things that you get at likediners or restaurants that little squarething a butter so it’s a pancake betterbutter pancake butter repeat obviouslyand then on top some syrup and then inrecovery for a minute and that justmakes everything nice and warm and yummythat’s how I do it but I’m not gonnashow you that process because it’s a bitblurry not like this is not boringum oh this is a school that I wanted bythe way yes he be not to be confusedwith UCSB although I wish I was in theCalifornia I’d love to visit one rightnow and I’ve heard it’s chaotic and alsoit’s basically on fire all the time nowbecause climate change is real businessso somewhere I’d like to go maybe oneday I’m trying to plan a was Coast tripwhere I learn next year or the yearafter depending on financials I reallywant to go to Seattle Portland and maybethat other place that I don’t rememberin the name of it’s like Canada that youcan get to by ferry but see howimportant Portland I feel like it’sgonna come on EllaBella come insorry that’s nug um I feel like excuseme feel like Portland has people thatare kind of like me a little bit weird abit fun I’ve been all over the place umand siano is more like proper likeIndies people like I listen to any musicand that’s all this and – and you don’teven know the span kind of in the artisttree even though like Portland how’sthat – but I feel like they’re like Ifeel like Portman’s like plaid hipstersbut like weird and then I feel likeSeattle’s like plaid hipsters but like abit bougie basically but maybe Portlandhow’s that – and I just don’t knowbecause I’ve never been how am I tojudge place didn’t know about you Ican’t just judge based on things thatI’ve seen mostly because that’s oftenand cultural media so also no I’m notbasing my thing it’s a Portland ORPortland eeeh they watched like fiveseconds of an episode and then give upso I hope you can take certain modelpeople I think that I’m almost done withminethey did not turn out to be as big as itleast a few of them didn’t and youreally feel you too many more but I’mJohnny Morgan so should be making my ownpancakes we’re just going to I havebecause Oh sometimes you’re just gonnarealize that we can’t do a thing andjust live with that that’s okay I meanlike if you think that you should beable to make something and you’re notable to or should be able to dosomething or you have unable to that’sokaynot everybody can do everything I forone have attempted to become Thomas mymajor after being an English major in myundergrad and I mean I got like a solidB so but like it if you like your majoryou would know because every time thatyou go to class you’re excited and Ijust did not feel like that with CompSci I felt like I was fish sure I’msensing emotions I’m sure I was learningnew things and like it was a cool yeahsureI’m learning about Python learning howto use Python niblets learning how towrite scripts learning about linearregression type lot Syfy stuff like thatyeah cool panas library awesome amazingbut could I see myself in five years twoyears three years sitting on a computerdoing whatever I’m supposed to be doingno and I think that’s maybe why I didn’tget it aim because I didn’t have superduper passionum yeah so turn on the track for anotherfuture the end it’s not the end untilthe big and Cotton’s but no matter whatage you know you still have time tofigure out life out I mean we havepeople at my school come back not like40 50 even older to redo undergrad tocome back and do a different careerit happens use this maybe you didn’thave the passion in the first placemaybe it’s just something that you hadto do because her parents said you hadto do it and you found out that like itwasn’t making you happysherbert is making money but it wasn’tmaking happy or maybe it wasn’t makingmoney and that made you not happy alsoyou know not everybody is gonna have thesame values and the same passions solive your life the way you want to notthe way that other people want you tounless you’re reading your truck thenmaybe you should listen to other peopleI don’t know I said that before but it’strueand I think I may be coming to the endof my pancake mix so I might turn thisI’ll do the last bit that I need to doif you enjoyed this video please give ita thumbs up and subscribe for morecontent from me thatwell maybe happens maybe well I havebeen Emily but you can call me and II amNOT like the letter M in front of myiPhone camera to an audience does notexist we’ll see by up with this ifyou’re watching this comment down belowwhat do you put on pancakes and did youdo something that you thought you shouldbe doing because the world said that youshould be doing it and found out thatyou don’t want to be doing it and changelet me know in the comment section downbelowI’m also on Twitter and Instagram at anabundance of em I’m on Reddit blue eyesand M I’m on here and that has beenmaking pancakes to an audience thatdoesn’t exist with a pancake maker and Icut my coffee and my cat’s beingannoying and my dog being annoying

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