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Hi! Thank you for noticing, I did get a new intro! um, yea.

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Video Transcription

hey guys true sauce here and I’m with
ice king but he’s not doing the video I
was like yeah but we I don’t know if it
could be posted but we made a video
where we made jello and mold zoomin yeah
but that flirting wasn’t very good so I
think we’ve got fat but we’re making
Jimmy painting – scooter skills
sprinkles not
that’s how much we do well see what you
do is this sort of hard to come so you
get your big bowl that I have and I’d
like big balls in the city bowls
I like the 30 bowls with the bowtie
nails did let it blow dry
I like a beard oh that’s from the
playboys to the game yeah that’s in the
actual song to the street spill from the
playboys to the gay boys go on slave
always I’m making a huge mess
how’s you stroke quick you can’t even
see my face froze but you don’t want any
more of these okay so then what we do is
we get this half the way get out the way
get out the way
yep some get itty bitty balls we got
this okay and then you have crack eggs
cuz you can that pace yeah exactly you
crack down the water bottle you crack
one or crack one mine either water
not yet then you crack the eggs
I want my nips I’m on the pancakes to be
light and fluffy so what we’re doing is
for crime doing guys I’m doing it how I
we had a crack on the table yeah you
said to do it on the flat surface the
bowl is a flat surface and when you’re
in and then let’s see if this works
this might be all blue you just have to
squeeze it and then put on the yolk and
then stop squeezing you oh we need
another two eggs Oh cuz you can’t use
this now yokas yeah okay
I can’t do with it you’re gonna keep on
going because what makes it funny is our
mistakes so we’re not adding it up nope
alright cuz that the footage you must
put in the Bisquick in – we just need oh
no we need no two eggs actually for one
will do this gives a hundred thousand
likes and mine in the next video we do
together I’ll eat a raw egg but what I
didn’t even do anything
did you do nothing why grabbing me yo
Justin we’re gonna use a hashtag killing
chickens okay nope chickens were harmed
in the lake that’s such a lie
and look at all these chickens being
Hans bolita underlies chickens these
could have turned into chickens and they
were harmed kiss you did something no I
cracked it now the yolk isn’t coming out
then pull it apart
boomba see and the crap can I just do
the other ones I’m not gonna use that
water ball thinks that doesn’t friggin
work for me you look the yolk I know but
that’s later wheat that’s okay come on
girl come on little like you Aggie
scary this is scary you guys just dumped
no I just gotta make a hold let all the
egg white out no that’s not what we’re
doing here I feel bad and then we turn
the chicken okay yo come out not yolk
egg white what is that
I’m putting it is weird mom bro dump it
out I’m trying to but I don’t want the
yolk to come in mine even watch upon oh
no and then the yoga comes out oh yeah
oh my gosh you guys have such a long
time now what do we do I fit in no no
laughs we separated if we were gonna
dump it in look I’m not dumber than that
they live in the Bisquick no where are
the attachments later we can just
usually need the attachments without
attachments tab oh and do it no cuz I
didn’t work the same family attachment
you guys but this one’s broken
Oh God oh it’s just
what do you need what’s broken about it
oh it’s the touch you just pull this to
the side
no I’ll reuse that the egg whites yeah
or did did I not make it clear what
we’re doing
no oh we are beating the egg whites so
they’re nice and fluffy oh they’re nice
inclusive they’re not nice and smoothly
they’re nice and disgusting me so now
that we have this end just like you I
just gonna take it slow and i’ma start
it’s dad it’s super sick it’s a stick
that’s not
and then Landon we’re pouring it in
I’m pouring the egg one
have you like show you do we need these
now doesn’t taste good it’s not supposed
to go p– we can put the yolks in we
were only using the beater for the
whites from egg whites because okay and
then don’t when doing it the milk
you got a whisk whisk it I’m home yet
you only have one legs but I want to at
first cuz you got to do that okay here
one mix fair point and while he’s doing
that I’m going to clean up
I actually don’t clean up at all but and
then your mom gets mad at you so oh yeah
guys you have follows I’m a tick-tock
oh we have a Milken Oh
we don’t Griffin walks
you’re the best milk in the world soak 1
cup milk 1 cup for the 1 Cup
it’s Dan measuring yeah he’s all aren’t
you to dare he’s not my cousin cotton
he’s allergic to dairy all larger
there’s a dim Prince it doesn’t make a
stomach upset he doesn’t have diarrhea
needs dairy his throat starts to close
up and he can’t breathe
so well everyone would I say oh so
you’re lactose intolerant no no no not
lactose intolerant allergic to dairy
there’s a difference big difference yeah
it’s so chunky I like a big yeah ok
tick-tock whisk it like this ready can
you show you how to whisk it real quick
for you well I really okay will you
rinse everything out somebody break this
pool too
I’m enough it’s already 7 minutes I’m up
just making the batter so I’m gonna have
to speed up it’s gonna be so much
editing we can add it tonight if you
if you do it good if you do it good your
arm will hurt that’s how you know you
didn’t good or not I don’t think that
whisk the eggs enough okay
is it good nope
I mean it’s good but it’s chunky
how can you please put in the dishwasher
the dishwasher du monde a food coloring
I thought these coloring makes this is
my dishwasher no you just watched about
milk doesn’t it isn’t that fertile show
okay now taste test don’t worry with
medians cool and resin it’s good it is
a bug just bugs everywhere with my house
full of bugs cuz you just moved it all
with him going for
you can win now it’s not coffee you win
I’ll leave that up because I just made
this rags water dang it what you got
what Bellini’s no IFIF I thought it was
because when I got its drops for just
floating on top ma do you wanna do the
Donna me you want are you Juan de la
Garde ooh la la
I’m gonna paint ready I think we’re good
I just pulled out a pan and this is what
it looks like
would you probably read the instructions
like Jimmy I did it I washed it that’s
for thinner pancakes increase the milk –
1 on 1/3 cups but we like our pancakes
thick and fluffy sick and smoothies is
good the chunky no good mm can’t eat too
much because you’re wrong
the milk is good too handsome my almond
milk some sauce for my chair I keep
trying it cuz he can’t have dairy it’s
vanilla it tastes good it that’s when
your life yeah it’s the new on it tastes
super good my gosh
oh yes actually really good it’s got
like vanilla stuff in it so good
actually I used to never it’s hard I
drink it every day I give the orders
which I give these little juice boxes
this like little juice boxes on the
ground these are so good I know when we
always have vanilla or did you all know
I used to have right or where’s the Sun
we don’t need full power not only just
like a toy I want food coloring in yours
you can try to get step four Bolander we
can do this is frozen let’s just not do
food color you mr. brink Russell Wayne
yeah we’re gonna shake it the cat okay
well let’s go over to the stove see you
they’re gonna do an angle so I’m just
gonna hold it so first what we’re gonna
do is on me to hope you’re doing no I
can do it I’m have this my left hand and
I can only do things with my right hand
so do you want it yes just make sure you
keep it um yeah and I’m gonna scooch
this closer and I’m gonna get oh it’s
kind of something that’s a pain I’m
gonna get some I please leave the
when you just separate them why oh wait
just keep in the different yeah that’s
what I thought we were doing yeah okay
so first then I’m going to take this and
I’m gonna wait until there’s like not
too much not that much why are we gonna
put it in why don’t we use bows and then
while it’s cooking out and I put some
sprinkles on so I’ll just put some which
ones I’m sure the camera the camera of
I’m just gonna put in my hand I’m not
like my Elizabeth I’m not going to spray
us and go one goes but just gonna flip
the floppity shuffle them in there you
go there you go
do we even put it like what what do you
put on there to make sure it doesn’t
stick isn’t crap Wow
spatulas yeah do we have one right here
it’s right here that you looked
injustice to spatula can’t talk Bochy
Jana if we want we can make omelets –
sure always seem to do by accident where
you try and flip it and it just flips in
the middle this one could be mine
because um my dad used to always say
bubble in the middle and there’s a
bubble in the middle so I didn’t put any
nonstick but look at that you’re gonna
be open oh yeah I did you see that are
you gonna sleep Africa like that side no
cause he cooked beautiful beautiful it’s
beautiful good good good are you good
Brown you good are you good bro I think
you good all right here would you play
we’re gonna take turns and we’re gonna
do a time-lapse of each other’s pancakes
that was just showing you one but see
how fluffy that is it doesn’t have to be
right on the plate okay going to turn
one up
eyes we finished making the pancakes and
the guy said and all like that
appetizing but I can met you they taste
really good and we both burnt yourself
and he forced himself on his two fingers
and I brought myself on my thumb okay
mine is actually really smiling right
yeah it’s a blister yeah all right good
oh my thumb has a blister tune it
downstairs no we’re gonna eat it up here
on the lodge of food dancers all right
you don’t want any syrup or butter or
anything oh you can’t have butter Wow
we’re just gonna wait wait wait don’t
eat any yet because I’m gonna switch the
camera don’t eat any yet you’re gonna
overreact about to come you’re gonna get
our reactions wait I’m not in it I’m not
in it I’m not in it don’t go from the
top you have to cut from like I’m gonna
get yours I want to get this pink one
you ready that’s really good
it doesn’t matter feel good you know
that those sprinkles are so crying oh
yeah the top and um the first one on the
very top we missed all of the sprinkles
yeah every single one of them they just
took the top I love them see and I
didn’t have a choice I would like
Rihanna’s retiree yeah yeah they’re the
red point place mm-hmm like a plastic
toy oh they are
when I first got to Judy’s house we had
a dance party in her room my thumb Bert
I’m just like a burnt mushroom I love
bread yeah so they’re toppers really
Barry this first of all is the best one
though I don’t know why like I’ve had
experience with romantics so this one
was pretty long but like it’s the better
than last one restaurant I made Robert
but I because it still tastes good
how many pancakes did we make the recipe
is for 14 when we did not make 14 1 2 3
5 6 7 3 4 5 6 7 8 no these are 100 just
be ripped it what we were supposed to
make and some were smaller than the
others yeah I really hope you think I
really hope you’re not your mouth is not
watering probably not because like and
then we made it by scratch it for the
world better
was it worth it yeah sure sure die just
make sure yeah sure okay just don’t burn
yourself you guys when you’re flipping a
pancake and you try to concentrate
don’t touch the pan it stains bad
all right well if you don’t believe us
look at that
you can’t even sighs worse me would tell
no they didn’t see – Wow well dang
that’s watching and we’re gonna enjoy
our pancakes oh please like and
subscribe and subscribe to my channel
and subscribe I spin let’s go yeah write
down the description bye see ya

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