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Making Pancakes cuz we bored

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to the video as you saw mejust uh you guys hopefully you guys justwatched it but it was a 24 hourdepartment you know one for video orovernight challenge yeah um but we saidwe’re making a new video this is itright nowmake your way obviously as you can seeI’m here with Dylan we’re makingpancakes and we completed the challengethen I can eat so but camera did it keepyou guys watchyeah but uh yeah let’s get right into itwe’re back and we got the egg drinkcrack the other me yes okay no the otherperson okay three crack it told you youwasn’t gonna eat it allhow much like if you want any yeah Iwant one like on his video very good onecomment down the boat below in thedisabled comments section this is likehard to mix cuz it you get to watchingfast it Gavin did nothing out of you[Music]so here he islooks like morphine smells like likedthis video if you want to see somevideos and boredyeah okay guys I’m gonna be pouring nowthis is what not to do on how to makepancakes no don’t whatever if you’reever making pancakes don’t let no one dothere’s one and you want to be a MickeyMouse washer the ones I made Zama readywith a quick and then all you know backand done I kind of already took twobites out of it right here it’s doughyguys it’s it I thought it was not donewe’ll come on you know why cause it’sunplug it doesn’t work very good onesunplug and unplug do you know I didn’tknow I didn’t until it was kinda goodkinda stupid yeah everyone’s luckybecause totally[Music]give me yeah get backokay okay so it’s been like 30 minutesand this is don’t think apes theyfinally got clipped miss run for thattonight okay so yeah we’ll see you alittle bityouso you just saw the whole video thingtakes tasted pretty good make sure I cansubscribe once we hit a hundred we’ll doa ten dollar gift card giveaway on youchoice or the visa fee tax and I don’tfeel like paying taxes yeah so make sureI’m like it’s tribe bando see you

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