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Video Transcription

so quicker picker-upper so the back footokaywait oh my gosh four kidsalright this is the Egg Bowlthis is okay I need the big ones as apancake one this one is table but weneed salt pepper for the eggs[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I probably like like meoh yeah like probably like medium mediumhigh or something like thatthis one medium if it looks like nextdon’t you’re gonna check the heat youcan feel the heat from right here so I’mgonna turn this up to medium high[Music]alright alright a pink okay I’ll do theeggs first yeah that’s pretty goodhey get the eggs talking so much butthese are comfy no homo but yeah so thisis so you probably want to do a pancakelike Frick okay don’t be as stupid as methen pour like on the sides a little bitthese pancakes are super thin though Iam so stupid okaythese are legs it’s cooking pretty fastoh my god so much all right so you makesure all the sides are like this righthere and then you can flip it and yeahyeah ties like many bubbles around itthough[Music]Oh[Applause]oh shoot so when I guess like that youryour regular foot it’s okayit looks burnt with ya thing this I meanI repeat Africa kids sorry[Music]here per your first it’s really cookingpancakesso don’t like[Music][Applause][Applause]cheese cookies keep cooking cooking ohshoot oh that’s a good one well I thinkso yes so that’s the egg right now andI’m gonna get a plate this is a pancakeit’s like nice and cold brick it’s likenice and goldah okay so that just now one pancakesthe other pancake did a chairjust wait here till you get all bubblybut this is the pancake smart thing[Music][Music]oh that’s it no tips for all oh gooddude console okay yeah well you’realmost gonna die before me he’s 30 I’mpretty sure in paper haber you have thatmuch or yesthen put it in the Oh Frick[Music]okay that’s a huge fan cake threepancakes one egg this is gonna be thebreakfastOh[Music][Music]or jiggly brooh this is oh it’s so badoh this pancake is sooo big so this wasso badokay oh shoot all done all done makesure they’re all off bosses this islater when my pancake okay make sure youput everything awayno oh why did I touch stuff so dumb[Music]no sir nothingtherefore wordsyou know it’s on cook your silver I’mgonna kind of come yeah all right Idon’t know what to call this video makemore things in the future I amif I don’t upload them tomorrowmmm if I don’t I’ll call tomorrowMerry Christmas because I might notupload Christmas yeah so Merry Christmasyou’re watching Jabba like no not likethat if you like this thing canI have it like please be you don’t haveto in turn I already subscribe then youwould like what like tell me what Ishould upload and like tell me if youlike my videos then just subscribe ifyou like my videos that I will post butsome familial Saigon Duke[Music]

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