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Today we went visiting, we went to our aunt’s house for steamboat. after that we made pancakes with our cousins which were really fun

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to the video ifyou’re on on the nickel set down thechannel I mean I’m here alone todaynot really okay so today is CNY day 3also known as a public holidayyou know what public holidays yes okayso what we’re gonna be doing today iswe’re are going my aunt’s house okay sowhat we’re going to be doing is we aregoing to cook yes well it’ll cook somestuff there like we do like it’s atradition basically like we do everyyear or something like that so yes and Iwanted to go to like a mod before thatbecause I wanted to buy a gift for mycrush yes after crisis not me not myselfthat’ll be weird or something one withmy same name okay to help me with no yesit’s my crush okay um and that’s all umhold it yes and that we she doesn’t likeit she could not be my crush like itanyways okay so yes we’re gonna go thereso subscribe guys and like the video I’mgonna bring the camera up to them soonlike right now or I don’t know when soonokay so yes um enjoy the video I’mcooking I did this on my main channel Ifeel but this is like like everyone’sfamily cousins family like family likeextended I mean yes best for the channelokay let’s just score you know you’replaying yeah no okay yes this is my cosaFamily Channelokay so say hi yes I started the videoon that channel so so what we’re gonnabe doing irate oh damn we’re gonna cookyes I’m most I’m gonna cook cook fooddeath its eggsturns golden brownokay use the other one to help youSophie don’t try it you want to try it[Music]still cooking got my pancakes withchocolate chip this what the travel thatjust one note that make up a cakeplay but I like a pinch I may be badthis but I’m gonna try and make a biggerone this time and maybe thank you twoeggsI used to you thank you to the eggs butbut maybe we should Scirocco experts saythe pancake didn’t just squeeze ithow’s that cloud and just when that’s ityou don’t move good luck tonight okay

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