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Video Transcription

you guys I met you a short video todayI’m with my new paste um got schoolready look at these beautiful Oh solidpancake so this one’s a keeper thisone’s the golden keeper close get it cuzthat’s gold suretime to put another battery I’m sosatisfied yeah that’s all the batter wemade that’s all the batter we made theother one out of the I did I mean I madeanother one trying to get some flash redeven hold up look at this you readyobviously later cuz I don’t wanna messup on this one could be like I saw thekey or like the other one we yeah wellmy cousin pancakes so die again say yahave to go to school well my wholeschool starts at 7:30 so I’m not gonnajudge I’m making pancakes look at thesethese are burnt pancakes but that’s okaybecause this one’s very nice so thiscould be for me or the other one couldbe my sister I don’t know give him thephone below oh okayokay big boy I’ll try that big boy okaywe’re gonna drop my phone oh oh wow okaythat one’s taller than the other oneoh my God look at this Wow just gonna bea short video I’m not quite sure huhcall me okay let’s just flip the otherside like that Oh yep that’s all thepancakes Wow Wow another solid keeperlay this set it’s all wrinkly I’ll givethis side oh yeah that’s all thepancakes we made I didn’t we didn’t makethat much better so watch it Steve[Music][Music]well look at thisWow okay okay I see how it is big boyno no this blanket cuz you don’t knowcuz it is a blanketyeah Wow I am like hyung I knew yourices are made this much I hope you guysenjoyed this video please people likeand subscribingsubscribe for another video if I shouldmake this so no see ya bye

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