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Video Transcription

[Music]remember always with you make sure thatball check on the higher ed so this ispowder these other cooking spices thewater for the pint cake the butter forthe pink this is the bowl we’re gonnaput other ingredients have really cookedat me that’s we put like this muchauditor and then we pour it in here andwe get some waterthere are some buds okayoh my god shoe uh-ohanother powder from there don’t worryyeah I’ll pick it up right now let’s getsome water just a little bit okay guyslittle bit more waterthat’s good now it’s not Ricky comesdown with all of you guys have ever madepancakes a little bit of water huhand it looks good now so it’s a littlebit more wateroh you guys like on the pancakes I thinkit’s all good it’s funnyhey please turn on the fire again guysthe fire Saulnier up now money[Music]and then over here okay so there’s agood guess from some of this[Music]my need a little bit mortgageand they’re all cooking so they’re allcookingWow you guys you guys[Music][Music][Music]and we have one more left that I meanapparently my sister made it for methat’s all guys it’s gonna be my littlesisnow we need to dance[Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah me too[Music][Music][Music]video don’t forget to subscribe and hitthe victim[Music][Music]

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