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Making pancakes!!!

LilPiChi:- ingredient/recipe and how she makes her pancakes, make sure you watch till the end. Please don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and turn on the notification bell so that you will be notified every time we post a video.Thank you and God bless you all✌❤

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Video Transcription

yo what is this guys welcome back to mychannel love Pete cheese so peachesrighttoday we are going to be making pancakesso guys what I have with me right hereis all the ingredients I need to makepancakes and guys but also don’t knowwhen you’re baking or making anythingwhat you need to do is start with thedry ingredients pressed so guys on myphone I have the steps and ingredientsthat I need to do so but let go sothat’s first thing first you have to putall the joint video to one goal and I’mgonna start off the flour three cups offlourokay don’t forget to tip all your dryingredients when you’re hanging theminto the bowl because it helps you movesome unnecessary lumps in it so y’allnumber oneokayaccustomed tothere’s one more thing when you’rebaking don’t feel free to get messyit’s all part of glass you know becauseguys look at my hand already just fromstarting okaythe last cup of flourso then after I’m done sifting all theflour I’m going to be adding in thesugar which with the sugar I have to addin two tablespoons of sugar here okay soguys here i have some white sugar and iwill be adding into table[Music]Oh sugarhere it is okay oh my – I gotta make youdoubleso I have that foolI’m going to be adding in[Music]my mom’s helping me find the third of it3/4 of the cheese okay so that’s here itis so now I’m going to add this muchsalt this is like literally a pinch ofsalt see oh maybe we needed to sift thatmaking three of thoseokay so now I’m going to add the bakingpowder which is two teaspoons which isbasically a tablespoon oh my god atablespoon of baking powder[Music]okay guys I am done with the dryingredients okay so guys in a separateBowl I am going to be whisking in mixingin oh yeah so the first is I need foureggs I have six eggs with me and I’mleaving- that was a good one for eggs and guysafterwards I’m going to add threetablespoons of six tablespoons meltedbutter that is logged up quite a bit sofiveI’m gonna scoop off the excess food okayso guys after adding in the button wehave to add in how much milk one and aquarter cups of milk so but instead ofputting wine of course we’re going toput double so it’s 2 & 8number two okay that’s it I can’t haveany more okay so guys this bowl is a bitsmall so when I transfer it into abigger bowl that we have right here okayI got it in okay so I added 2 cupsalready tonight need to add a bit moreput that a bit so it says one and a halfso I need to add two fourths of Nothat to thisone so guys now I need to add in theessence of choice I chose caramel cake Iclosed caramel assumes that I’m gonnaadd it in a teaspoon of this oh my godthis is so fun okay I got it openI wish you guys just hold a sec I’mserious okay so guys now I’m going towhisk together all of the dryingredientsso guys now I’m going to add the dryingredients into this room waitthe wet Indian into the drives example Ithink it portion by portionhey guys bones bake with us or makethanking or anything without supervisionI have my mom and guys the Tiffanyyou’re making is to make sure that yourpancake better making Texas makingpancakes is to make sure that yourpancake batter is not too smooth orwatery and yet smooth it to the rightconsistency because if you mix it toomuch it’s going to get too hot it makesit too little it’s going to be like thisand also another tip is to make surethat this a bit of lumps in it so likewhen you bakery is like you know hasthat yet yeahbut basically this is how your grandeurof look that is so guys I’m gonnaput the Keen up for this area this messand I will be right back so guys I amdone cleaning and now I’m going to raisethe pan with some oilokay so that now I am going to beputting the battery in the pan using theslow cut – looking spoonso that I’m going to let this yeahthat’s what we’re waiting for this wasto cook don’t forget to leave a likecomment like and subscribe to this videoand watch to the end to see how thesepancakes are gonna turn up you guysdon’t forget to join the commodificationof our collection website every time wepost any video I’m not sure okayI am not sure if I should kick thisstuff has a bunch of bubbles okay I’mgonna check the knot here just a littlebit more time than I wasokayit’s sticky oh that looks good eventhough sometimes it’s funnythis is said I wasn’t a mistake for thatguy action looks deliciousokay so guys I’m gonna take this off thestove and put it on the plate over hereat the side to taste and see how mycreation turned out okay so guys I haveput the pancake here and that’s oldnachos you guys to comment in thecomment section down below what do youguys might eat your pancakesme I prefer to eat it with custard andice cream so let me quickly get thoseout of that fridge[Music]out my hand my hand outso this games hard okay I’m gonna takethe lid I’m gonna fallso that is now I’m gonna do a littletaste test with some ice cream and inPeggy and I ready 3 2 1but pleaseitshe’s good guys I did well yes okay guysI’m gonna call my brother to come andteach a bit of my pancakes will abouchehello do you need a grammar packet andporridge from a statisticalWow smart but not badit’s good it’s actually pretty wellsaying she’s never funny people itshould try it on yeah so guys I’m gonnaend this video right here and I’m gonnacook the rest of the pancake off-cameracuz well that’s a lot to do on camera sothat’s if you enjoyed this view don’tforget to Like comment share andsubscribe as we always it

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