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Video Transcription

welcome back to another YouTube well nono one because we just restarted again Iknow some long time she said you knowhomework and everything so today we’regonna be doing a cooking episode thingsyeah let’s get startedI forgot to mention we’re gonna bemaking pinky at out the things you’ll beneeding to make pancakes areplease I mean like I think everyoneknows what does it mean need to dealwith people who are starting butter forthe pan nopeyou can use water but I firstly don’twater in a bowl okay I’m ballingeverything cuz it’s like what I’m gonnamake pancakes I just eyeball everythingso yeah okay mixdid you know has had the butter which Ialready did but it’s over there I youlike to use like you know total baconhands like I I like to use that to thistool to do I like the ice cream superscooper to Madhu many pancakes oh andmixture so we’re just waiting for thatlike I if you think you added too muchlike milk if you like technicallybecause I’m the flour absorbs everythingso does I’m gonna let’s set it up we’rejust gonna scoop and then just like tryto make into a circleuntil like we have four or more I’m justgonna after this I’m just gonna keepdoing repeating it and then I show youguys the finished project I’m justflipping them over and hopefully yeah ohI did it yeah this one we did originaltape but like the first one is to see tothis one I was flipping it wasn’t readyyet so like like rushed all over youstill have another batch to go but I’llshow you guys the finished productthough or not is starting with mypancakes I just need to put them to playguys hope you enjoyed the video pleaselike and subscribe enter thenotifications bye

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