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Making pancakes.😀

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Video Transcription

hi guys and today we’ll be makingpancakes and your ingredients will beplain flour mill and two free-range eggsand I’ve already created some butterhere and using that so what you do isyou get your eggs crack him in to thebowl fill your white and yetyo pairing the bowl and then you getyour milk but a bit of milk in thenwhisk it till older yolk has gone andthen what you do that add your I’ve yourflour and whisked out until it’s thickand then get make sure you get all thelumps out so you pour into another bowland then pour that in tip it up intothem the sift to make sure you get allthe lumps out and then what she doesthat get a pan or a pancake pan if youhave one puts a tiny bit of oil in themmake sure it heats up so it’s or oilseasy to move and then watching them thatI’d your butterso got my pen G and now we’re gonna cooka pancakeI’ll just get in the batter ready let’syou better wait for it to cookman your people should be ready but thatminute when it’s cops all the waythroughflip it over so I can cook on the otherside make sure your work environment isalso cleanand this is my way of doing a pancakeand also make sure you have one of theseI don’t know what to carve up like aspatula so you can scoop up the Hungate[Music]and if you flip it over it’s not cookedon the other side just flip it overagain once the other side just cooked soit’s cooked equally on both sides somake sure you get the tea towel and makesure your work environment it’s clean incase you want to cook this for yourselfso yeah my opinion this is an easy wayof cooking the pancake very simplethen you can apply whatever you want Geopancake but in this case the livepancake I’m gonna add some honey and ifwe have it here my its own fruits butdoes other things you can have as wellso you could add some lemon juiceyou could add some blueberries[Music]and you could have some syrup as welland I’ll be goodif you applied too much butter and yourpancake is fit don’t worry don’t use itwas have to cook for longer but keep onflipping it over to see if it’s pancakesare very easy and I’m a very fun way to[Music]cooking pancakes now it takes about tenminutes all together but I arranging allthe you know the batter create makingthe batter and actually cook in thepancakes and then look to fix backs outso it’s gonna take longer to cook soyeah[Music]honey I’m gonna play out you can but allsorts of funny so you can but like likeagain like I said they’ve got honeyhoney Sarah hand him whatever you wantno I’m gonna wait for it to cool downI’m gonna I’m gonna roll it up wait forit to cool down for you real love howyou could burn yourself but it’s coldgets cooled down a bit now so don’t rollit up that’s a pancake and that is howyou make a pancake and now OOP it’s overfolding now you can eat it so I’m gonnado a tasteless[Music]is good and the holy definitely fitswell because it sweetens it and it’sreally nice on this that’s my way ofCana pancake so if you want to do my wayof your own well be be free to do itthat way and advisers to do it this waybecause this is the easiest way in myopinion coz I’ve tried other ways butnow I think this is the easiest wayso thanks i watch it make sure you likeand subscribe and then we will do morevideos like I said in the previous videoso bye

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