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Hey I’m sorry. I swear I’m gonna show how to actually make pancake next time, but honestly, this is own recipe and I made the batter with the help of my dormmate. I only remembered to vlog it after I made the batter thus this really short video.

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so hi guys Sunday night road tomorrow’smy first day of something and yeahbefore I get really busy I thought Iwould do something today something in aspecial and you know something that Ireally love to do and it you knowworking with meit’s my giveaway fun age[Music]I mean guys who make a minimum so then I[Music]say once our common ownershipthat’s it guys madam a multiple sorry Isay I think Maluku Madeiragood answer there no precise one heranother one inoh don’t worry about it I’m gonna shoutI’m gone a feeling of a monopoly or adoodle nor Muslim pyramid illegalCharlemagne seguro Kato becomingavailable anywhere dosuk on own companyunder cabeza I made its upon me for awhile[Applause]

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