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Making breakfast (pancakes and scrambled eggs)😋

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m know inside the kitchenhumble to fulfill what I call abreakfast it’s way past work last nightno I decided to put it in a matter oflove I was going to do a continuationfinish my morning routine what I’vedecided to put the breakfast right youknow like all right so what I’ll bepreparing that’s it the previous lovewill be scrambled eggs and pancakesso I’ve already prepared the mixed rowsinside scrambled eggs and cheese dependson AutoKey apart there’s also a littlemilk and sometimes I’ll use from Curtisall the time I’ll just make it playingso like I said it depends on what I feelfor him and then for the pancakeactually took me some time so I preparedahead of timeno let’s get into the videoall right guys as you can see I’vealready greased frying pan I don’t knowmaybe that’s a little bit too much Inormally was oil some persons will usemargarine but I prefer to use the aisleI think these already preheated some nogonna add the funky mix for it sonthere you goand that’s gonna allow it to sit for awhile until the bottom is golden brownsometimes you cannot tell if the bottomis actually golden rown cause you cannotsee but you’ll be able to see thebubbles in the top so soon as all thebubbles start forum anything you knowyou can turn it sit for a while and I’llbe using this same time to make thescrambled eggs some persons might use adifferent frying pan to me the scrambledeggs what I normally use the same oneafter preparing the pancakes then Iwould just grease the pan again and thenputting the scrambled eggs but I don’tnormally do that I thought I use I justbarely grease the pan and then preparethe eggs so as you can see that’s whatI’m talking about you can see thebubbles are forming our own the edge andthere I have the dish the plate that I’mgoing to put the pancakes on oncethey’re actually doneall right so I’m actually going to beturning right no there you have it yeahas you can see and it statedgolden-brown yes it may say that feelslike every one of them is going to looklike they’re not toysif I’m gonna do this gonna finishpreparing these fun cakes and then afterI finish preparing the pancakes I’mgoing to prepare the eggs so once Istart preparing the eggs thing I’ll letyou guys see hold that particles alrightguys there you have it the finishedproduct pancakesthey’re already see I’m actuallypreparing the panel for the scrambledeggs I’m gonna pour it in my shirt holdon I’m not sure if it is hot enoughturn off the stove a bit more I’m justgonna wear themspoon over here you can see and I justcontinue to basically move it arounduntil it’s finished you don’t know ifyou guys can see the cheese you knowthere you have it all right so onceagain I want to thank you guys fortuning inbe sure to LIKE comment share subscribeto my channel turn your post invitationson so you can receive my notificationson every post video and I’ll see you inthe next log piece[Music]you[Music]you

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