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Making Banana Pancakes

Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at making banana pancakes. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and subacribe to my channel thankyou.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone today I am going to bemaking banana pancakes so this is onebananawhat was my appeal I’m putting the ballso I’m just gonna match it up with thefork so I got my fault so I’m just gonnamush these bananas or I see you rightthere looks like that’s all of my bananaall mashed up and you can see on theleft beauty that put some eggs in so I’mgoing to put one egg in medium egge-news and then whoops right all rightguys I got one egg which I’m gonna craftand put it in here and then mix ittogetherthen I’m just gonna do a quick quick thehighlight is all whisk together the eggsin the banana and I wanna ride it tomake the pancakes now so a lot my fryingpan out by the way guys this is thefirst time on me making banana Pampancakes and the scratch so I don’t knowhow it’s gonna turn out like this it’snot doable see what its gonna be likeall right now I got the panel cooker ison nice and fresh and machine[Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music]last one in so fast and we see how itlooks so weird until you start bucklingand then I to flip it you see and Bobbyas much yetthis is little bit more like a low heatso I’m just going to tell you just a bitI got my spatula ready to flip it overI think it is ready for me to flick itover again I can tell it is my first tryI’m making homemade banana pancakes sodo you know what just back to me movingso that’s what it looks like at themoment I didn’t add any sugar to thisbecause the blonde enormous sweet andyou inside it they need point addingsome mascarpone to make it to sweeten soif I this one medium banana and onemedium egg mixture to the others andthen I’m gonna wait for the alkaloidyeah my periscopeso this is a flat try for the bananapancake hopefully the next one would begood something I’m gonna make a nice bigone for the next onethis was just to try out see what it’slikenot flat for the foot it ain’t safe I’mquitting the plate and it makes the nextone night night I’m just about to makethe second pancakenow this one’s gonna be the big oneI’m just waiting for the power to meltback on mcseamus this was gonna bedifficult I will use a whole butter andthen I’m just gonna turn the heat down asparkling it all melted so let’s go forthe second one so it’s not as big just abit bigger than it with the one so havea lot better I managed to make two andcakes so this is my second attempthopefully it’ll go away and do the breakhow anything so let’s see the outcome ofthis oneall your museum heat now you turn theopen ityou’re not going to say this becauselast time they’re doing just a momentit’s in it just lost ittwo minutes timeyeah terminate for enamel to the panwhy don’t we you been out to Coco isthat what you’re making the way youkiddinghello Eddie broke the ice over well it’slong enough to stay together it looksgood go get Chinese cook a little tinywhat are you doing a song with bothbottles down plantains or makingpancakes with scratchI made them[Applause]guys this is one pound cake like youknow that I’ll put a to it chocolatespread jump anything you fancy to itbuzzing I’m gonna leave it just how theyare gonna be sweet enough for me so I’mjust gonna do a taste test now and seewhat they taste likeyou already see the bananas in there soit’s all hitting so if you trying to getyour kids to eat through oh they’re madeby other fruit and you can see it youcan under see the bananas in thereso it’s hidden do it taste test if youtake the planner you lose it and sugartrick to this sweet enough so this is myfirst time I’m making banana pancakesguys what do you think how did I dosome oh so look Ohdown you like itso you design I try I think that it’sokay for my first timethey’re not like bring the elbow isItaly um even though they don’t lookaround but the cool thing is did notburn so that if you like this with yourperiod soon for and subscribe to mychannel and I hope to see you soonso it’s watching guys bye

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