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Making 300 pancakes

We decided to make 300 pancakes for views and subscribers and for my school because we have regents/midterms. Make sure you like and subscribe and hit the bell icon for more videos to come and keep up on my social media‘s

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

this right here the dads and they’remaking the best right now mom’s gonnacook the pill we’re getting site fortomorrowright like that what’s up is their backmakes me one menu chili I’m here with mysister you probably wondering like 300pancakes on the dock we are gonna makethem but we’re not just gonna make thesejust for us you’re actually[Music][Music]yeah[Music][Music][Music][Music]I’m sorry president shower my hair was alittle so and the more time lookinggreat[Applause][Music][Music]50[Music]you face the poster okay Nestle be didyou finish to post it here by finish -is this you did the cap and cake batterinstead on the rocky doing this it iscurrently one in the morning and goingupstairs[Music]walk here before to have music at thesame time coffee right now pancakesstarting the hot cocoa you got the stuffthe mug girls I’m gonna get my spatula IGot News will be arriving 45 minutes ohyes thank you so much she’s actuallyokaywhat’s up is Eric not in London yeah Iknow you guys went to war here I’m inthe car right now chocolates on my bookback oh yeah okay okay I found it Ifound it okay we’re all young kids okayso today was at your place itself todaywe made over 300 pancakeswe hope you have leftover batter becauseI have to go home and do my first oilwell today was successful the pain feelgood I ate out of them yeah and thewhole school life in them[Music]so anyways thanks for watching thisYouTube video I hope you like them youenjoyed it and if you did pleasesubscribe but never the pancakes was toomuch I’m telling you I barely had timeto say hi to someone that’s okay I’llsee ya next time I’m a CR

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