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Video Transcription

hello I’m back I know I’m making food no
smell fake waffles my gentle making
breakfast for everybody right now
correct six people only I’m making
therefore technically six people still
but half of them in blood so
I love making breakfast for my family
it’s probably my favorite
starting off with the video with making
breakfast so right now we’re weekend at
all well I am making little smells like
pancakes yeah okay what’s really weird
is we have an all off one even let’s see
what’s happening in here nothing’s
happening um we have more waffle makers
all of them went but they’re all here
somewhere I don’t know where the oh
where did they go
there’s one yeah so sorry I was active
all week um well I was down in Wyoming
so I was all the way out of state
well I like like I started making
pancake before I started the video so
and sorry I could did the intro I think
I get the intro I don’t know okay
yeah I think we’re good I spilled a
little bit on the other side so hmm
what’s me so I have a batch
baby baby no you can’t see through the
let’s get you a waffle which I should
give her let’s give her a tiny one cuz I
don’t think she’ll water drop off bush
we’ll give her a little piece Pikeville
for being such a good dog Hey
unless you can guess
if you know how to hit the wall there’s
different types it was okay there they
are steaming today Oh yep yeah beautiful
let’s just be glad I didn’t bring the
house oh dang it’s a really hard okay so
however likes bread waffles come over
I’m making a second batch
I don’t want to make this like a bitch
say I am NOT a tall morning in X 12
let’s go after dinner okay right now the
afternoon it’s 12:06 their full wait
no we don’t we don’t we don’t still love
you Amy Amy can we do I’m gonna do Joe I
have moved to da la vie I have a trouble
I got you – you said it right there yeah
we do I love you too
I have your job
it’s a white car disguise oh my god I’m
off base time right now nobody talking
somebody oh yeah how waffles puffs up
look nothing captain they’re totally did
not burn or well I didn’t burn it but I
totally didn’t oh gosh they’re doubling
I’m not liking it is there any waffle
experts on YouTube right now because I
just I’m dating that to my dog
ha I just burned myself there you go
Bailey you can have those I’m gonna make
really tiny ones with the band cake
we’re just gonna make one today I’ll
have enough for two
I think somebody is real life other tiny
one might an awful you can do it as
anymore you guys
see sometimes my family doesn’t follow
that word recipes I’m thinking waffle
you stay right here and you just see a
giant pancake a waffle
I’m hungry
I do eat it with Cheryl
I’ve been shining here for an hour
oh my new shirt
it says Wyoming blasts do need to bill
that noise
you’re straight or curl hi various body
in the world wrong with you
there’s an online yeah this video was
short I’m gonna go eat I’m hungry this
is gonna burn if I don’t shut this okay
so bye

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