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my favorite celebratory cake
DISCLAIMER: non of the music is mine

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Video Transcription

[Music]be okay so happy tanks one of my videosearlier I said once we hit 40subscribers I was going to throw a partyso it’s party town I’m here with mylittle sister Bethany she’s shy kind ofjust like me oh no how old you are thankyou no you’re 3 next party party timenobody here but me and baby so I’m gonnamake a cake pancakeyeah pancake we’re gonna make pancakeswatching so scooby-doo I guess she likesthat kind of hurt you already had onetoday oh yeah yeah you already had onewe’re gonna make pancakes instead Idon’t know when I was at Fashion Weekone of the makeup artist said that Ilook like the live-action Velma ScoobyDoo from the Scooby you probably put apicture up on the screen but anyway for40 subscribers we made it I made it babywe made itI’m so happy like this is like the mosteight minutesoh you think I would make it this faryou guys anything I want me to this farthe best cake that I can make a pancakeso celebrate my last pancake videoactually I think I’ll be alright youguys get so close so I’m five six thislittle bit is my pancakes baby just asexcited as I amsee this is a great idea okay brightorange you want an orange all right yougotta catch it too we can’t put that inour pancakes I don’t have enough to make44 all yo but I do have enough to makeat least 28 so I’m gonna do they’re backthey’re back we must hidehere’s the this is what we got so farbut I was just joking no I I always knowhow to lease actually look really goodthese are like the best pancakes I’vemade in a long time look how good thoselook overly always part of me come from[Music]heavenly yeah you guys are so special Ijust want to show my appreciation foryou all you all of you guys so um youknow just doing my favorite thing makingsome pancakes actually are you gonnadole was like hey we’re actually halfwaythrough for you so charge we’re actuallyat 45 so I wanted to ask you guys somequestions what which first question iswhich content what content you like thebestwhat do you not like actually rightthereor am I just okay I’m actually going to[Music]yeah that’s private because I justwanted to check this gonna becopyrighted or notMonica is he went to the pool he’s goingoh yeah we’re gonna livestream audienceagreeing he’s so much they’re burningset it up remember why that’s why it’sso good when you forget what you arewe can just forget about how terribleyou like this that’s what makes a day sogood my pancakes aren’t done but my livestream is still on I don’t know what todo it’s like there’s nobody watching mylive stream so I am gonna stand thismuch until I get somebody on theirpancakes John Stowe iswe’re gonna eat them tonight that’srightdo you like my rep but anyway that’s theend of the party video for the love Ialways appreciate you guys so inconclusion I always I appreciate youguys a lot please let me know what youwant to see more you guys meaneverything to me like always I’m gonnabe coming out with a lot of weird stuffso I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom Ikind of hit it rough on them when Istarted a YouTube channel so there’snothing to be ashamed ofalright I love you guys see you laterhave a great fall I love you mom ifyou’re watching this now you said younever want to hear my videos myself

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