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Video Transcription

you’ve probably heard about Jem being orhand eating it before one of China’smost popular Street breakfasts thesavory crisp fried crepes are all aboutbold but delicious contrast of flavorand texture we’re not talking about howit’s cooked or how taste today we’reinterested in how much some of the JimBeam vendors in mega cities like Beijingcan make to earn a livingrecently one jamming vendor in Beijingcentral business district was heardarguing with a customer over an eggsaying I get are over 30,000 yuan amonth no way that I used one less eggfor your djembe while that trigger andinternet jealousy frenzy especially inone many who have white-collar jobs inworking office 30,000 yuan a month isabout four thousand five hundred eightydollars which is fifty five thousanddollars a year according to the BeijingMunicipal buer of Human Resources andSocial Affairs the average monthlysalary of the employees working inBeijing in 2016 is about seven thousandseven hundred which is about fourteenthousand dollars a year I asked some ofmy colleagues working at people’s dailyonline how they feel about that Jambeing vendors alleged income of thirtythousand yuan a monthI’ve never heard of that but that’s alot of money and it’s probably more thanI’m making well you automatically assumethat people who are working in an officeenvironment are making a lot morecrazy surprise but I think they deservethatI’m not jealous because they’re doingsomething accomplished we then talked toa gem being vendor Joshua we openedthree jamming stands in Beijing herjamming is are priced from 81 apiece to21 apiece depending on the size andflavor and now she’s making roughly over100,000 yuan a month that’s over onehundred eighty three thousand dollars ayear Wow yeah okay so that’s what theytell you kids about Santana got me tiedup with her Hartmann he felt my Messiahtotalso in Yokohama take a ten year think I’ma total P just yeahshould I buy a puppet here feel how amighty amoeba fighting are to thecontroller Katya say that your son diedusing head school sweetie let her makework your her wall organizer what’s inyour heart also Lang do come with hiJamie Kawika Helena when I yell forCalifornia her hot new suit when yourfeet hands insular what makes our wayyou were fun I met you trabajo normallyare here talking idea we are learningnewShambala eating issues here teleworkthis is somebody Allah well cover howyour Chancellorstopped in the last hour we saw you guysover hereother artists overheads and also orgasmthis is gender not only a popular streetfood in China but also a necessity tothousands of people living in megacitieslike Beijing I ate it on many manymornings when I had too little time tocook breakfast and there’s no otherfulfillment quite like it on a busymorning[Music]

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