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YUUUM! Each pancake had about 9g of protein! If you try them let me know how they taste 🙂
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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to my channel as you can seethis is sort of a different setup fortoday but today we are making don’t mindmy outfit is it extra yes do I careno this is literally what I usually wearso I just decided to wear it in thevideo so we’re gonna talk about theingredients so first you’re gonna need abowl a little spatula flourany kind of protein powder I’m usingchocolate because I’m using chocolatesin the mix then we got sugar I’m a brownsugar and I prefer this over a regularsugar anyway but nanners man butter andchocolate and this is all we have Tylergot this from somebody so we’re justusing this for the main thing about thisis I can’t measure anything it has to bestraight just what I think so yeah let’sget started have to use the flour firstbecause that’s like the main ingredientwe’re gonna put some flour in there Idon’t know how much I want a lot ofpancakes as much as I want okay alrightso now we’re gonna put a scoop ofprotein powder I might actually put morebecause we want it to be protein filledand I use Aulaninew Aulani nutrition I’ve been usingthis for the past I’d say actually thisis my second tub so I definitely doenjoy it the only thing is I got tiredof it afterand that’s like I don’t know this otherbrand that I got absolutely loves thathad it all the time but yeah so what doyou think it’s good and a half I thinkit’s like a scoop and a drizzle howwe’re gonna put in the brown sugar whatI know is you do your solids first andthen your liquids separate and then youput it together don’t want too muchsugar but I’m just gonna put it like Idon’t know that’s good as much okay okayI’m gonna mix this all together[Music]I personally think the brown sugar isthe best to use for cooking just becauseit’s healthier I mean this is cane sugarI think it tastes better overall like itmakes it like warm and cozy realize I’vebeen posting every single day I don’tknow what vlogmas is type in thecomments below what you think blogmissus I did like I follow some peoplewho do it but I’m not sure if it’s likeit has to be themed or it could just belike any videos you want up untilChristmas because I’ve been uploadingevery single day and I’m really proud ofthat after I got unbanned or whateverfrom posting I’ve been posting everysingle day I’ve been whipping out thevideos for you guys and so I’m going tobe usingOh milk and quick fact this shit tastesamazing it tastes like real milk it’snot better than real milk I used todrink almond milk like that was my thingin the past like two years and I triedthis and I absolutely loved it it tastesamazing milk shouldn’t taste sweet thisisn’t a paste yet so I’m going to use alittle bit more okay so we want it likea paste okay and well I am mixing thisI’m going to go over here start it tomake sure that this will be ready oncethe mix is ready so we’re going to usesome avocado oil and this is like myfavorite oil we’re gonna put a littlebit of that and then I’m also going toput some butter on there because if Iput any butterit’ll be really brown and crispy thismelts on the stove and then we’re gonnago back and checkmr. so it’s looking pretty chunk it’slooking pretty gunk but it’s comingtogether[Music]guys it’s so great so now that you’dhear it melting we’re just gonna put itall on here like this and this will helpput them to cook evenly and that getsstuck you know because that’s like themain thing oh by the way ignore thepimple cream on my face whatever I’mhere what we’re actually gonna let thissit for ten minutes and we want it to bereally fluffy and the only way that’llhappen is if we let it sit so we’regonna let it sit we have the timer righthere we wait okay guys so since we don’thave chocolate chips we’re gonna beusing at these little what do they calltruffle rolls we’re gonna be using theselittle truffles so I’m just gonna putthem in a bowl and mash them up and thensince there’s nuts in there we’re gonnatake out the nut so for now I’m gonnaput I think like six[Music]so now that we have our banana use thepicture the biggest plate we can find solet’s put the mixture on there I thankyou so much for clicking on this videothank you for subscribing to me makesure you will even like in the nextcomments if you want and make sure tofollow me on all other social mediasbecause I post there every single dayand if you have any questions or runningmy guides or math essentials or anythinglike that or the posters those areprobably already released by the timeI’m posting this but email me at Mtfitness contact at and yeahthank you guys so much and then also ifyou use this recipe make sure you sendme a picture or tag me or do whateveryou want to do because I want to see howmuch[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]


  1. Love this video!!! Great idea, I love tutorials on all things feminine and homemaking ♥️ love the discussion videos too, but keeping this for a day in the near future

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  3. Hi Ladies! This video was actually made for Instagram which is why it’s in portrait mode. I contemplated whether or not I should put it on Youtube due to the odd cropping but have decided to do it based on a few requests! I hope it’s ok and that you enjoy it! <3

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