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Let’s cook some banana pancakes

Decided to make a simple cooking video for you guys, we had a huge snow day so it was SO fitting. First video on my new camera and learning to edit which is so exciting. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning guys today I’m gonna filmeating with me during the day and solast night we got this huge snowstorm wegot like 20 inches of snow as you cansee we can’t even see our cars I had tobreak into ours but I just shovel it inone-one doorway because I wasn’t aboutto show all the way around but yeah sotoday I’m definitely gonna be staying inwe made a trip to the gym yesterday andit was just stressful I didn’t have todrive but you could not see the roadsthey weren’t plowed there was so muchsnow it was snowing super hard still so[Applause]tablespoons sugartwo and a half teaspoons of bakingpowderand half a teaspoon of salt[Music]just try and read so there’s not much tomix here all right you know separablegonna mash the banana pretty smallbananas alright used toyouall right so after we mash up a bananayou need to add one cup and 2tablespoons of the milkand then two large eggswe need 1 teaspoon vanilla extractone teaspoon cinnamon they just do it totaste becausecinnamons gonna get stuck to the spoonthen we have to melt three tablespoonsof butter Mac I got that six oh man torun outside with him three tablespoonsjust gonna eyeball it because I’m toolazy now I’ll probably turn out anywaysman we’re just gonna toss this in themicrowave that is cooking I am gonna getreeked of coffee no I can’t yet that’snew but that’spretty – Jesus better half dairy-freeunsweetened coconut and almond milkcream super good it’s not as flat aslike half and half which I like half andhalf but I always end up having to putlike scoop of sugar in there or like alittle bit of the flavoured creamer butthis is super nice because it doesn’tmake me feel bloated and gross after Idrink it which tends to happen with justlike the regular vanilla creamers andstuff like that Randy’s got it fromWhole Foods co-op in Toulouse and then Ijust pad I still add a little bit ofsugar just cuz it doesn’t have like anyflavor at all let’s just whisk hereyoulast time Iattempted to make my own pancakes acouple times just with like the quickand easy recipes on Pinterestthey just don’t work I don’t know maybewhat it is like if it’s missing a keyingredient or what but it has not turnout and I’ve been very upset because Ijust look forward to that whole morningin there just didn’t work but have areally good feeling that today’s isgonna be really good okay now I have tofold the wet ingredients into the dryingredients now if you took like cookingin high school or whenever you’d knowhow to do this and I did but I stilldon’t know how to do this so hopefully Idon’t over mix it it says to use aspatula this is like just super runny sogo for ityoufirst time I ever tried banana pancakeswhat’s in Jamaicawe’ve been going there ever since I wasa little kid and stayed at this onehotel and they have banana pancakes andI was like oh yeah I’ll give it a tryand ever since then it’s like one of myfavorite breakfast foods and really issuper easy like this was super easy tomake but I never actually like makebreakfast – I just don’t want meal in amicrowave or makes my toes but you don’tmake pancakes or waffles or stuff likethat so I’m gonna preheat our pan I’mgonna use the back the front burner isway too hot and always burn stuffit says to keep it on medium heat andfor 1/4 cup servings a small pancakethat heats upso then once that heats up I think I’mmoving that’s rightI just can’t believe how much snow wegot I don’t know if I know when I wasreally little we had a huge snowstorm Ithink it was either Halloween or I thinkit was Halloween but I don’t know ifI’ve ever seen this much snowhonestly like and people tell me he’sjust going like this all the time andthat’s just crazyI grabbed some olive oil and we willthrow our first in there- waitsee look how runny it is I’m kind ofnervous but what’s this is super hotI don’t think we’re gonna turn outyoutottethe litter a little undercooked there’smy knives I’ll ease but other than thatI actually turned out really good littleburnt toI can’t want to focus alright so this isthe final product it’s a little toastybut that’s okay because they turned outso good I’m not even gonna add that muchsyrup because it’s so good without Iknow that I plan to make a dinnercooking with me video but we got snowedin we didn’t get out of the drivewayuntil tonight his brother my boyfriend’sbrother was able to come in Flourdriveway I mean we could have shoveledbut we have a pretty long driveway so Ididn’t want to do thatI hope shovel the deck in around thecars a little bit but after that I waslike the snow was literally like twofeet high like we got so much no it isnot even I just am in awe but so I didnot film the cooking dinner with me butand I just wanted to say thank you forwatching my video if you stayed to thispoint your the rest and thank you foryour support so I will see you next time

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