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Let’s cook pancakes!

After Scotland, we are going to America today!

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Video Transcription

[Music]morning class or good morning to you andonly you because we have been stuck athome for a week and four days now sotoday I’m going to share with you myrecipe for pancakes yespancakes are from America you can eatthem for breakfast for example or youcan eat them as a snack in the afternoonin front of a good movie maybe on aSaturday or Sunday and because we are athome nowyou can make it today tomorrow maybenext week with your parents and enjoythe fluffy pancakes with a good movieand your family let’s have a look at theingredients here I have Milch 30s untileaters of milk that is the equivalent of300 milliliters a little bit of mathtoday for me and for you I have 225grams of flour okay and I have 2teaspoons and a half of baking sodabaking soda in franchis be cabinetanimal tare it is very important thatyou use the Alamo tear otherwise it’snot good for youokay if you don’t have be cabinet Alamotear you can use glue your shamekh thatis in English baking soda – okay this orthat it’s good here I have one teaspoonof sugar and I have 30 grams of butterthe butter is melted okay you can see itis not from the fridge I put it in themicrowave you need to put it in themicrowave for 30or 40 seconds and let it cool okay letit be cold not hot before you do therecipe you need so this is not neededbecause I have maybe carbonate to eggsand also a little bit of salt when youare cooking the whisk is important atthe beginning to mix everything andafter I will need megiddo okay so thisis the special cakes ladle it is a niceone I think here I have a spatula toflip the pancakes and I also have a minipan this is a mini pan okayin order to make pancakes a very tinypancake but one at a time or you can usea big pan okay a regular pan no problemyou can make two or three pancakes in anormal pan so it’s very good in any casethe easy part is coming up so I’ve gotmy flour I’m just going to add whoopsiethe baking soda the sugar and the eggsI just added the melted butter here andI’m going to put the milk inside and nowI just me now that I have finishedmixing the batter the pancakes batter Iwill cover it okay with a cloth cleancloth and leave it in the kitchen formaybe an hour I’ll see you thenjust for the record last time I took youto Scotland with the shortbread andtoday I’m taking you to America so Ihope that you enjoy traveling with mewhile staying at home[Music]this is the result I have fluffypancakes that I can eat with syrup orwith chocolate spread so if you haveNutella for example it’s really good tooI think that this is my plate I’m goingfor the syrup yes enough I hope youenjoy this video and I hope that youwill try to make pancakes at home bystudents[Music]

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