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Let’s Cook: Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Sheet Pan Pancakes | WW Freestyle

Here’s a really quick and easy way to have your pancakes and eat them too!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Sheet Pan Pancakes

1 1/2 cup Birch Benders peanut butter pancake mix (Kodiak will also work)
1 1/2 cup Kodiak Chocolate pancake mix
2 tsp baking powder, divided
2 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk, divided
splash vanilla

Put each flavor pancake mix into separate bowls. Add 1 tsp baking powder to each one and whisk to combine. Add a splash of vanilla to the almond milk then pour half of it into each bowl. Again whisk to combine. If needed add more almond milk to either batter to get the right consistency.

Pour one batter into a sprayed 15 x 10 inch baking sheet. Then drizzle the other batter around and on top. Using your whisk swirl them together. Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes or until done.

When cut into 24 pieces they are 2 pts each. May be frozen.

Here’s the link from Joan’s Pointed Plate for the original pancakes:

Kodiak Sheetpan Pancakes-Lemon Almond Poppyseed


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Video Transcription

[Music]okay before I get into my recipe I justwanted to give you my food for yesterdayI didn’t do pictures of everythingbecause it was just a weird day justevery I don’t know it was just a weirdday I didn’t eat my breakfast until11:30 because I had things I did thatmorning and the night before was insaneif you saw my grocery haul video youknow how insane my night was so I wasoff-kilter yesterday now I ate just youknow this and that nothing too bad Iwent into my weeklies in the silver down39 is how many days I got says you knowI lost the two points so I 43 yesterdaybut that still leaves me 42 weeklieseven after that because you know Ibanked the best couple days I really hadgone into my weeklies in a few weeks Idon’t think if I remember correctly butthe reason why I did because whatevertime it was last night late goshprobably 1:30I’d set over there and I was just hungryand I knew I could not go to bed hungryso I had me a big ol bowl of blueberryand that box since they first came outfor the seasonit is almost November oh I’ve had it asolid month I know I’ve had a solidmonth you don’t still phrase youwouldn’t even stay on but that’s whatput me over was that the big ol bowlabove the bed you know I didn’t stickwith one serving I went with it was goodor two anyway since I wasn’t be able toput up a video I didn’t want to let youknow you know that’s what I ain’t here’smy points and me you know back heretoday I’ve got my breakfast money thatI’ll be back to my video making today sogo and watch the pancakes becausethey’re good you might want to trygood morning I usually do if I’m mealprep anything on Sunday but I was wantsome pancakes to smother so you know Iam Saturday mornings but maybe somepancakes now I’m experimenting the lasttime I made these sheep and pancakesI made peanut butter and I took thatfrom a recipe from John over at Johnwanted plate she did the lemon almondpoppy seed kodiak mix and what I had onhand I found that because the peanutbutter Burt’s benders so they workinterchangeably because I use the sameratio of ingredients with Burt’s bendersas she did with Kodiak and they came outperfect this morning I was like I wasgonna do I have I have plain I hadchocolate and I have more peanut butterburgers and I thought well I’ll do someblue Bay I’ll make a lemon blueberrypancake that has oatmeal in it that yourun through the niche and I got fromhuggy girl and I thought we need alllike that combo so maybe I’ll do someblueberry pancake lemon I’m like well noI kind of want something not fruity andI thought okay I’m gonna try this Idon’t know if it’s gonna work the recipecalls for three cups of mixed total I’mdividing it this is a one and a halfcups of the peanut butter 1/2 cups ofthe chocolate I had just enough just ahair more in my measuring cup then I runout of chocolates I just filled in withjust a little bit of plain it’s notgoing to affect the taste so the totaltogether uses two and a half cups ofsweet almond milk and then of coursedifferent flavorsconsidering whatever flavor that you useso I’ll do that let me almost for doneso the baking powder the whole recipecalls for two teaspoons so each halfgets a teaspoonnow I’m just please vanilla for both ofthese and I’m still go ahead and add asplash to my own meal that way it’ll beevenly into each batch so I’m just goingto eyeball let’s see let’s try to makeit that baking powder in there just alittle bit so I’m gonna eyeball I’ve gottwo and a half cups of the almond milkhere I’m gonna look for one and aquarterwe’re getting thereI don’t think um little bit a hair off Idon’t think you bought matter okay nowcan you see the difference and I pouredhalf and half you see how thick thechocolate is and then how loose thebeetle areas apparently the chocolate Idon’t rememberI’ve made up my pancakes before I dunnoremember them being any different ratioof liquid to meats so unless I justreally really read my measuring cup overI don’t really know what had happened bymaybe I’m flirting with disaster we willsee we don’t see if we’re gonna rock itout 70 style who knows flirting withdisaster let me knowokay all right I think I think we’lltake this and we’ll run with this righthere I think that will be finehang on say I don’t need these twostraight my balls out I’m sure but if Itry to pick these up I’m gonna make themmiss my peanut butter is gonna run I’mtelling that right now it’s gonna runthe here is what Maya here is my planhere was my thought on this situationokay so my original plan I wantedchocolate peanut butter but I wasn’tcertain if the two mixes together wouldtaste right you know if one wouldoverpower the other so I came up withthis idea I’m going to pour them both inhere at the same time and fingerscrossed I don’t get it everywherewouldn’t have a swirl pancakecan’t like um when John make thosepocket Mars okay which I still need tomake by the way so there we gooven 350 roughly 20 minutes and thenwe’re gonna we gonna see what we gotI wish I could smell in this house thesethings smell so good now I’m gonna cutthese into 10 pieces because when I cutthem into last time I think I cut theminto eight last time and they’re reallybig and I plan on making a savory thingto go with it I just thought I’m gonnalittle something sweet on the side andto keep my total point staying forbreakfast I’m just going to cut up alittle smaller and if I cut thisparticular blend into ten pieces thereare only four points apiece so you cansee the corners I didn’t really get itspread very good so spread I’m good whenyou make them let me see if I can writeI’m not good at this I might’vehmm let me let me back up and regroupthey were not gonna be very even with myeyeballs so I’m gonna take just a littledifferent route I don’t my bad job I cancut better was that even number becauseyou just hold on okay drop that one Iwas saying I can cut better I’m in mychest better anyway I thought eventhough because you do want to go in themiddle in there you have it I saythat’ll make what 16 maybe – it’ll belike 18 I don’t really eat eight I guessI could eat nothing I’m gonna cut themsmall I guess like you know how theymake silverdollar pancakesthere’s be a little silver spike silversquares now right off the top of my handI don’t know the points since this iscompletely off the cuff but I will putit up on the spring since I’m not surethe points right off the bat I’m justgonna start with one now I will putthese so I will wrap them separatelyI’ll probably do these come littleplastic bags you know the old time youcan you took your sandwich in schooluh-huh I’ll put them down in there foldit over like that and then put them allin a plastic bag and then stick them inthe freezer because this is way too meanto eat up in a week before they go badyeah I’m only really used this is mylocal store shouldn’t be certain we wereout and David was at the store and so Ijust told you whatever’s cheapest didnot realize there was such a pointsdifference in these sugar-free syrupsbut there isbecause anything over one tablespoonwhich is perfect for that man rightthere in it anything over one tablespoonis a point I just wasn’t feeling likeadding a point for a little bit of syrupnot this morning so hold on only givethis little thing a tastedo you see how um if I can see I don’tknow oh I’m Way up I hope y’all beenseeing thankful that was way up hold onlet me so I don’t drip it and you seehow fluffy it isthere’s a little swirl of chocolate letme see okay if I curtain came back it’scuz you could hear me eatin that isreally a good pancake I’m gonna say myum experiment was a success there’ssomething different I’m not completelychocolate not completely peanut butterjust a little mix I think I like that soI will link the original recipe fromJoan down in the description box andthen I’ll put down how I did thisvariation this morning

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