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Video Transcription

hey how’s that test hey are you readyshe got it okay okay hold on no no nothis one we need we need more sugar onit um he has no screaming where’s thatblue anymore sure this was not aanymore sure how many more sugar getmore sugar get my shirtlet me pull it out pull make it fulllook though this is small small get moreget more it’s not an arm though I havedone this why this like so many timesno with this work no you screwed up nowokay let’s mix it this man wants to be afire okay look you don’t have to putthat much you’re small like this allright all right here okay let me trythis way yeahyou describe I will give you 1 milliondollars see that see smoke that’s how itsupposed to be good that’s itthe next one you’re gonna be doing Iwant to see that yeah

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