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Learn how to make American Pancakes in less than 5 Minutes! Fast and Easy Tutorial

Learn how to make light and fluffy American style pancakes at home. 5 minute tutorial video.

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Video Transcription

I have buddy today we’re making pancakeswe’re gonna start by separating six eggsinto one board yolks into the other theegg whites first step is to whisk ouregg whites until they’re light andfluffy this will take a few minutes ifyou do it by hand or if you have amachine it will take a few minutes lessperfect now into a mixing bowl we add250 grams of flour 40 grams of sugartwo teaspoons of baking powder and we’llmix them together until they’re combinedto this we add our six egg yolks and 350milliliters of buttermilk again we mixall this together until everything iscombined and no lumps remain into thisbatter we now add 1/3 of our whisked eggwhites and we begin by folding the eggwhites into the mix this technique willtake a little bit of practice but onceyou get the hang of it it’s actuallyquite easy once the egg whites have beenincorporated you can add the rest of theegg whites now for the frame to a pan weadd some butter now we add 1 spoon ofour batterwe fry this over junking heat and onceyou see bubbles starting to form on thetop you can flip it overoops test your pancakes every now andagain by touching them it should be softand springy and golden-brown one pancakedone continue doing this until all yourbatter has been used up remember to keepan eye on the heat of the pan as youdon’t want your pancakes to burn againtouching them every now and again tomake sure that they’re soft and springyand keep going until all your batter hasbeen used up and there you have itdelicious american-style pancakes enjoythese with some maple syrup some baconsome fruit some honey some sugar somelemon whatever you like and make themyoursthanks for watching hit the like andsubscribe buttons for more videos likethis leave a comment below and checkback soon for more videos

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