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Learn – Complete Guide How To Make Martabak Manis (Indonesian Sweet Pancake)

In this video, I learned about “Complete Guide How To Make Martabak Manis (Indonesian Sweet Pancake)”.
I decided to make a video about it, so I can share my learning experience to you.
I Hope you learn something from it! Enjoy!

➤ About this video:
— Complete Guide How To Make Martabak Manis (Indonesian Sweet Pancake) —
I learned complete guide about “How To Make Martabak Manis (Indonesian Sweet Pancake)”.
Martabak Manis is one of the best Indonesian Street Food, and its one of my favorite!
I got the recipe from a website in the internet, you can check the website’s link below.
I adjusted a bit for the ingredients, because I made it for me and for my friends. You can check it below.
For the filling / stuffing inside my Martabak Manis, you can check it also below.

➤ My ingredients:
– 400gr all purpose flour
– 500ml warm milk
– 3 eggs
– 5 table spoon sugar
– 1 1/2 tea spoon salt
– 1 1/2 tea spoon baking soda

➤ My Martabak Manis’s filling / stuffing:
– Almond
– Chocolate spread
– Cheese
– Sweet condensed milk
– butter

➤ Link to the recipe:

Martabak Manis (Indonesian Sweet Pancake)

➤ About my channel:
— Learn With Putra —
The purpose of this channel is to share my experience while learning new things.
I will also share my knowledge in here.
I hope you learn something from here.
Enjoy my videos and let’s get smarter every day!

➤ About me:
Hi! I’m Putra from Indonesia.
I’ve been living and working in Philippines since 2014.
I really love to learn something new in a simple, easy and fun way.

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