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Kids Baking Pancakes WITHOUT PARENTS!!! | Cooking for Kids🍴🍳🎂

Kids Baking Pancakes WITHOUT PARENTS!!! | Cooking for Kids
In this video the kids baking dutch pancakes, all by themselves without our help(they think they can beat mommie😌😄)
Ok so if you’re new to our channel, a warm welcome to you!
a 5 year old and a 9 year old try to bake pancakes, how well can that go?
Liyem and Noah tried baking these homemade pancakes, without any instructions from us
I letterly only helped with putting on the fire. How to make dutch pancakes?
They thought they knew exactly what to do
Welcome to baking with kids!(the Cicilia kids)
Cooking For Kids.. How does this end?
They show you how to make easy pancakes all by themselves.!
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Original of the video here

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